Perfect Persied Playlist

August 23rd, 2016


This mix is a couple of weeks late. It is a soundtrack for meteor watching, specifically the annual August Perseid meteor shower.  I uploaded it to Mixcloud on Aug. 12th but totally forgot to make it available here as well.  That has now been corrected. 


I've been wanting to use a track from Robert Scott Thompson's album "Pale Blue Dot" and a stargazing mix was the perfect opportunity with Skyway being a great opener for this collection.  I was also happy to include an old favorite - Thom Brennan.  I've always been a big fan of his music and much of it is perfect for star/space themed mixes.



T R A C K L I S T :


The stars my destination

April 3rd, 2015


I have been planning on doing a stargazing mix for a long time and then a new EP by 36 came out and I knew I had to get cracking on a new mix.

The new EP is called Sine Dust and it's excellent.  All the tracks have a similar feel to them and that is by design.  36 artist, Dennis Huddleston, says "I wanted to make an EP that had a strictly defined sound and theme, which continued from beginning to end, using a limited array of instruments to tell the story."  And it's a good story.  The synths have a sort of retro feel without being kitschy or obvious.  The touch here is just perfect.  And the tracks work nicely for an astronomical theme.

36 - Sine Dust

The 6th track in the mix is from an excellent new compilation from Tessellate Recordings - Earthtones Vol. 3.  Just like the other two comps, this is a great collection of tunes with a nice variety of sounds and textures.

Earthtones Volume 3 by Tessellate Recordings

The Fripp tune is one of a bunch freebies that his DGM Live website has available.  I highly recommend spending some time there and looking through all the oddities they have available for download.

The rest of the tunes I think work rather well as a soundtrack to laying on your back and staring up at the night sky.  Whether it's looking for a meteor streaking through the atmosphere or gazing at a blood moon, this mix should transport you off planet.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    36 - Beyond the Heliosphere
  • 05:57    Monty Adkins - Entangled Symmetries
  • 09:00    Fripp - Time Stands Still
  • 14:30    Lorenzo Montana - Bloom
  • 20:31    Robert Rich - Aetherfolds
  • 23:40    Map 165 - Long Shore Drift
  • 26:47    Alpha Wave Movement - Cryptic Signals
  • 33:06    Spectra Ciera - Second Narrows
  • 35:52    Jon Hopkins - cold out there
  • 39:03    36 - Sun Riders Part II
  • 43:42    Kalgan - Subway Evening
  • 46:44    Lunar Testing Lab - Station East
  • 50:36    Aglaia - Polar Cap Absorption
  • 54:27    Steve Roach - The Delicate Forever
  • 65:35    end

Deep Sky Time - music for stargazing 2013

December 6th, 2013


I know this is not the best time of year for sitting out side and stargazing.  At least not here in Wisconsin.  But I haven't done a stargazing mix in a long time so i thought I'd throw this out there.

The piece that got me started on this mix isn't an actual song.  It's NASA's Voyager spacecraft recording the sound of interstellar space.  Voyager's plasma wave instrument detected the vibrations of dense interstellar plasma, or ionized gas, from October to November 2012 and April to May 2013.  You can find the recording here... Voyager

I couldn't resist using that sound as a launch pad for this mix.  The rest is pretty straight forward ambient/space music.  For some strange reason I felt compelled to make this mix nearly 2 hours long.  If you want to lay outside for two hours & gaze at the night sky in the middle of December, better bring some scotch & an electric blanket. ;)





T R A C K L I S T : 

  • 00:00    NASA Voyager recording of interstellar space
  • 00:40    Loscil - Second Narrows Specta Ciera Version
  • 03:30    Ishq - Globular Cluster
  • 07:30    Harmony & Decay - Hypnotic Sequence
  • 12:40    Eluder - The Event Horizon
  • 14:50    Marsen Jules - A Room Full of History
  • 19:15    Marconi Union - Always Numb
  • 23:40    Porzellan - Floating Reception
  • 24:30    Sonmi451 - Omicron Ceti
  • 29:30    Loscil - ss1.2 unit circle
  • 32:50    Wouter Veldhuis - Blue Forest I
  • 36:00    Variant - Thru the Cosmos(ison + spica)
  • 43:33    Brian Eno - Surf Birds
  • 46:10    Mark Rownd - Place of Grace
  • 52:20    Kissy Suzuki - rubbish & Beauties part 1
  • 56:30    Altus - Floating Free
  • 1:00:40    Diatonis - Whiring Above Our Heads
  • 1:04:15    A Produce - Inner Sanctum
  • 1:12:00    Aglaia - Dust Across the Border
  • 1:15:30    Christopher Short - Unknown Constellation #2
  • 1:22:30    Fripp & Eno - Meissa
  • 1:29:10    Ithaca Trio - Catching Monkeys
  • 1:34:00    Steve Roach - Deep Sky Time
  • 1:41:10    Sylken - Sleepless
  • 1:50:10    Deepchord - Driftwood
  • 1:51:10    Vidna Obmana - Night Blooming
  • 1:57:49    end

Transit of Venus

June 6th, 2012

A mix in honor of the recent transit of Venus across the face of the sun. It won't happen again until 2117.

All the tracks have Venus, sun or transit in the title.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Casino Versus Japan - Names on Maps of Venus part 6
  • 01:27    Laurie Anderson - Transitory Life
  • 02:39    Ishq - Diving into Sun
  • 8:33    Glen Velez - In Transit
  • 10:50    Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun
  • 12:15    Steve Hauschildt - Overnight Venusian
  • 16:15    Paul Ellis - Dialing in  the Sun
  • 24:00   Ishq - The Sun Arcs a Smile
  • 26:15    Jim Cole & Spectral Voices - Sun Shower
  • 27:40    Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Late Day Sun Silhouettes
  • 36:00    Stars of the Lid - Sun Drugs
  • 45:40   Montauk - Setting Sun(fragment 1)
  • 46:50    Steve Roach & Kevin Braheny - In the Heat of Venus
  • 51:10    Casino Versus Japan - Names on Maps of Venus part 1
  • 55:55    Biosphere - As the Sun Kissed the Horizon
  • 57:24    end

starry starry night

January 14th, 2012

"I, the fiery life of divine essence, am aflame beyond the beauty of the meadows, I gleam in the waters, and I burn in the sun, moon and stars."

- Hildegard von Bingen

Electronic & ambient music seems perfectly suited for stargazing.  So you really could use just about any ambient mix for night sky viewing and it will work just fine.  But sometimes it's nice to do a mix specifically geared towards astronomical awe.

It's always interesting to see how the song titles match the theme of the mix.  Sometimes I pick tunes precisely because the titles match but most of the time it's accidental.  In this mix we have titles like "Alpha Centauri", "Polaris", "After Midnight", "One Starry Starry Night" and "Encounter in an unexplored nebula."

As usual the music is a mix of old & new, with most tunes being from the last couple years.  I was happy to sneak in an old track from Jean-Michel Jarre.  Different from his normal berlin-school stuff, this one is a nice long ambient cut from 1990.

As with a lot of stargazing mixes, this one works well as a sleep mix too.  I can testify to it's effectiveness.

On a side note...thanks to anyone who voted for Low Light Mixes in the Mixcloud best of 2011 poll.  We came in 78th.  Doesn't sound like much but considering they have thousands of "cloudcasters", coming 78th was great.  Thanks for all your support last year & over the last 6 years.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Lunar Testing Lab - Paaliaq (I, Absentee)
  • 01:35    Sonmi451 - Alpha Centauri (Time Released Sound)
  • 04:40    Digitonal - Polaris (Leaves)
  • 07:20    Diatonis - One Starry Starry Night (Diatonis)
  • 12:15    The Winterhouse - Clearing (DataObscura)
  • 18:00    Frederico Durand - El Mundo Secreto De La Montana (Spekk)
  • 21:30    A Produce & Loren Nerell - Intangible (Hypnos)
  • 28:20    Maps & Diagrams - The Infinite Delay (Handstitched Recordings)
  • 30:45    Thom Brennan - Pulse
  • 31:55    Aglaia - After Midnight (Hic Sunt Leones)
  • 37:30    Sonmi451 - Blue (U cover)
  • 43:05    Biosphere - Warmed by the Drift (Touch)
  • 48:20    Jean Michel Jarre - En Attendant Cousteau (Disques Dreyfus)
  • 55:10    The Civilized Electrons - Encounter, In an Unexplored Nebula (Databloem)

Launch of Curiosity

November 27th, 2011

This past Saturday NASA launched the Mars Science Laboratory known as "Curiosity" on a 9 month journey to the planet Mars.  As I was watching video of the launch, I was thinking about music that would work well with a launch & space voyage.  I quickly collected some appropriate tune & cranked out this mix at escape velocity speed.

The tracks are all electronic/electronica cuts that I thought seem to fit the theme.  As it turns out, many of the tunes have titles that are perfect for a mix like this.  Titles such as "Towards Unknown Space", "Solar Sailer", "Born to Fire", "Your Wings Make You Fly" and of course "Phobos & Deimos Go To Mars".

That "Phobos & Deimos" tracks was one of my absolute favorite tracks in college.  I had a clear vinyl version of the Synergy album "Cords".  There aren't going to be too many times that I can sneak that cut into a mix so I'm glad I got that one in here.

The NASA audio is all from the actual launch of the Curiosity Mars rover mission.

In the coming months maybe I'll do "Flight of Curiosity" & "Curiosity Lands" mixes.

T R A C K L I S T :

the stars above us

May 13th, 2011

"Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another." -- Plato (427-347 B.C.)

I realized that I hadn't done a stargazing mix in quite awhile and with the weather getting warmer & spending more time outside, I figured a new star mix was in order.

So here it is...

T R A C K L I S T :

sea of stars

September 7th, 2008

This is a mix from our annual trip to the Wisconsin northwoods.  As the title suggests it's a mix for star gazing.

As I have mentioned in other posts, Rick, who runs the Hydrogen Cafe blog, and I sit out at the end of the pier and watch for shooting stars and satellites.  We each make a soundtrack for the experience.  Rick's are usually much more thought out than mine(he mix this year was great!).

I limited myself to fairly new music, stuff I have been listening to a lot lately.  I knew I wanted to include new music from Area C - Sea of Rains.  It was commissioned by the NASA RI Space Grant Consortium and the Museum of Natural History in Providence, RI as an original score for their "Mission Moon: past, present, future" exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.  It has some Nasa recordings mixed in with the music so it was a natural for this mix.

After that the other tracks are just tunes that are kind of new, sound a bit spacey and flow well together.

t r a c k l i s t :