The Ambient Dishwasher

April 15th, 2015


Every mix has it's own unique starting point.  And this mix definitely started in a unique place - my dishwasher.

One day my dishwasher was making some weird noises, it kind of sounded like an alien playing a didgeridoo was trapped inside.  So I recorded a little bit of the sound and then processed it using Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch.  And whaddya know - it actually sounds pretty good. 

Dishwasher Drone - stretched version

Dishwasher original sound

I've used Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch in mixes before and it's a fun little program for non-musicians like me.

I posted the stretched version on the Hypnos Recordings forum just for kicks.  A couple folks asked to hear the original source as well.  Then the next thing you know some of the artists who frequent the forum took that original dishwasher sound & used it as a source to come up with their own original takes.

I was pretty darn excited.  These are artists that in some cases I've been listening to for years.  And they were going to make music from my freakin' dishwasher.  Pretty cool.

Here's the Hypnos forum dishwasher thread... HYPNOS

We ended up with five pieces created from the original dishwasher sounds.  I also asked my son, who produces EDM music as AXX, to also make an ambient dishwasher tune, which he did and I gotta say I love his version.  Throw my stretched version in there and we have 7 dishwasher tunes, enough for a whole mix.  Pretty cool again.

I started the mix with the original sound and let it morph into the different versions.  They all flow together very well.

Here are the links to each individual piece used in the mix in order of appearance...




T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Dishwasher original sound
  • 00:17    Dave Michuda - Dishwasher Stretch
  • 01:00    Forrest Fang - Dave's Dishwasher(Zen Cycle)
  • 02:42    AXX - Dishwasher Drone AXX Rework
  • 05:15    Igneous Flame - Chthonic Cycles
  • 09:25    Castleview - Cavewasher
  • 11:20    The Circular Ruins - The Circular Ruins Over Dave's Dishwasher
  • 15:00    Dave Michuda - Dishwasher Stretch part 2
  • 16:55    Seren Ffordd - Rin-Se
  • 20:43    end

Leaving the station

August 31st, 2014
cinemagraph by Julien Douvier -

Sometimes I go through phases of music listening.  I'll listen to a bunch of old prog rock for two weeks then move on.  I pull out some old Cantebury Scene stuff from the 70s for awhile.  Then I'll go on an early 80s new wave binge.  Then Americana.  Then ECM jazz.

This mix came out one such binge.  I've been listening to a lot of Jean Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream lately.  Jean Michel Jarre was a college favorite of mine.  My girlfriend in college loved JMJ.  Which is probably why I married her - how many college girls like Jean Michel Jarre?!

While bingeing on JMJ & TD I knew that I wanted to use them in a mix and the train theme just seemed to flow naturally from there.  So the first two JMJ tunes I chose specifically because of the train sounds in them.  I think I'd like to do another berlin school mix with all artists and music from the 1970s.


T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Tangerine Dream - Love on a Real Train
  • 03:40    Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields pt. 3
  • 06:33    Dadub - Arrival
  • 09:10    Miktek - Elsewhere(fade edit)
  • 14:40    Evan Marc + Steve Hillage - Resurface
  • 16:30    Tangerine Dream - Rain and Thunder(Sorcerer Cinematographic Score)
  • 23:00    Jean Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor II
  • 25:55    Grumbling Fur - Eyoreseye
  • 31:33    Mark McGuire - The Instinct
  • 37:25    ??? - ???
  • 41:20    Mohn - Saturn
  • 48:45    Plastikman - Locomotion
  • 52:45    Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe VII
  • 59:10    Tangerine Dream - The Dream Is Always The Same
  • 1:02:24    end


Driving All Night

August 2nd, 2014


You're driving,

and it's dark and it's raining,

and you're on the edge of the city

and you've been driving all night.

And you took a turn back there

but you're not sure it was the right turn.

But you took the turn anyway,

just kept going in that direction.

And somehow it looks sort of familiar,

so you just keep driving.

Hello. Excuse me.

Can you tell me where I am?

You've been on this road before.

You can read the signs.

You can feel your way.

You can do this in your sleep.

This is a mix I did for the good folks at Intergalactic.FM.  Head over there for this and a ton of other mixes and radio shows.

Like most of my mixes there is a starting point or inspiration that gets the ball rolling.  In this case it was the Laurie Anderson track "Lighting Out For The Territories" from her United States Live album.  The cut is so atmospheric and moody.  It immediately conjures up images of lonely highways, lonely songs and tires thumping on the pavement.

I had a hard time deciding between cuts that have a lonely country, twangy feel and songs that are more pulsating, driving electronic in nature.  In the end I ended up with a little bit of everything.  The two tracks with vocals definitely have a lonely, plaintive quality.  That same feel is also present in the Daniel Lanois tunes and the instrumental from The Antlers(whose new album is fantastic by the way).

The tracks from Prins Thomas and Brian Reitzell are of the more electronic driving type.  Both have an old kraut rock feel to them that I love.  A totally different feel is found in pieces by Terminal Sound System and Talvihorros, sort of weird Twins Peaks vibe.  Which makes sense because the Talvihorros track is actually the Twin Peaks theme.  Most of the rest of the tunes just sort of felt right for a theme of night driving.

Laurie Anderson makes 4 or 5 appearances in the mix.  All are variations of the opening track. Usually with other rhythms or road sounds added in.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Laurie Anderson - Lighting Out for the Territories
  • 02:20    Sparklehorse - Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
  • 07:00    London Grammar - Wicked Game(cover)
  • 10:30    Laurie Anderson - New Jersey Turnpike
  • 11:53    Brian Reitzell - Auto Music 2
  • 18:20    Calexico - Hair Like Spanish Moss
  • 22:05    Cowboy Junkies - 200 More Miles
  • 27:25    Bexar Bexar - n.r.o.t.
  • 30:30    Watter - Rustic Fog
  • 35:25    Daniel Lanois - New Smoke
  • 37:30    The Antlers - Jupiter
  • 42:00    Terminal Sound System - Duchamp Falls
  • 46:10    Hidden Orchestra - Strange
  • 52:30    Prins Thomas - Kavaler
  • 57:45    Cliff Martinez - Driving to the Bonaparte
  • 58:40    Daniel Lanois - Bell Toll
  • 59:55    Talvihorros - Twin Peaks Theme
  • 1:03:20    end


a frozen world

January 6th, 2014

It is freakin' cold here in Wisconsin right now.  It's going to be -20f below zero tonight and the high temp on Monday didn't get much above -10f.  Frigid temps like that call for a mix.

It's perfect timing for a freezing mix because a recent purchase was the album arctic conditions by stormloop.  With song titles like "Ice Wind," "In The Frozen Morning Light" and "Arctic Conditions," it was a perfect starting point for this mix.

Make some hot cocoa, sit back and try to stay warm.  Of course for listeners like Charles Glaspole in Australia, it's summer.  I guess you'll have to use your imagination.


T R A C K L I S T:

  • 00:00    Wind and walking in snow
  • 00:30    Terje Isungset - Go North
  • 01:36    stormloop - ice wind
  • 05:45    Marcus Fischer - Arctic 1
  • 10:10    Panoptique Electrical - Glacier Show I
  • 16:35    Ulf Lohmann - On Frozen Fields
  • 18:45    Blamstrain - Tundra V
  • 24:05    offthesky - beneath the ice shelf
  • 26:50    Harold Budd - Ice Floes in Eden
  • 29:15    stormloop - arctic conditions
  • 33:55    Good Weather For An Airstrike - Frozen In Thought
  • 37:25    Kiln - The Ice Floes
  • 38:40    Forrest Fang & Carl Weingarten - Freezing Days
  • 41:10    David Tagg - Arctic Reflection
  • 50:10    Brian Eno - Fields Of Ice
  • 58:00    Segue - A View of the Frozen Lake
  • 1:01:40   stormloop - in the frozen morning light
  • 1:08:00    end


A Glitch in Time

July 28th, 2013

Sometime around 2001 I discovered the album Tides by Arovane.  I'm not sure if it qualifies as "post-digital" or "blip hop" or "micro" music but it was through that album that I began a brief love affair with the style of music known as "glitch."

I have always loved electronic & ambient music but at the end of the 1990s I had lost interest in berlin style electronics and mostly listened to straight ambient.  But with the emergence of glitch, and it's use of complicated beats, noise and samples, I found a new rhythmic electronic music to dive into.

The biggest purveyor of glitch music back then was the Mille Plateaux label.  With their Click & Cuts series they introduced me to a whole new range of sound in music.  There is definitely a lot of music from that time period that, while interesting, could become annoying as well.  I'm not a fan of loud and aggressive glitch.  I definitely am more in tune with the sort of stuff put out by 12k.

Over time I grew tired of much of the glitch scene and the never ending little pops & clicks & wee little sounds intruding on the music.  Although I still enjoy much of 12k music.

Recently I was organizing some of my collection & revisited some old glitch material.  I found that I am still very fond of some of it.  I started collecting tracks for this mix and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

So this mix is a little step back in time to the early 2000s.  A small glitch in the passing of time to when glitch ruled, for me anyway.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Arovane - Tides (2000)
  • 04:45    Carpet Musics - Phone Lines (2001)
  • 08:24    Clickits - No Clickedy (2003)
  • 11:35    Xela - Impulsive Behavior (2002)
  • 15:30    offthesky - Down the Stream (2005)
  • 20:50    Shuttle358 - I'm Not Afraid (2003)
  • 25:05    Twerk - From Brown to Green (2003)
  • 29:55    Jan Jelinek - Facelift (2003)
  • 34:55    Bexar Bexar - Kt (2002)
  • 38:30    Christopher Willits - The Seaweed Machine (2003)
  • 40:45    Christian Kleine - Several (2002)
  • 47:15    Arovane - Ambelio (1999)
  • 52:20    Shuttle358 - Calty (2000)
  • 57:11    end

Movement & Location - music for biking

July 16th, 2013

This mix is completely different from anything that I've posted here.  It's not ambient, or electronic or Sunday morning jazz.  This is music for motion.

This is a mix I made last summer to listen to while biking.  I liked it so much that I added some new tunes this year and made it longer.  All of the songs have a propulsive, forward-moving feel to them.  There are some oddball choices in there but generally most of the music would fall under the heading of indie rock.  Artists include Yacht, Vampire Weekend, Japandroids, Lord Huron, Rural Alberta Advantage, Jonathan Boulet, Underworld, Shearwater, Givers, etc.

I like the fact that it's 2 hours long so I can go out on an hour long ride and still have enough left for the next ride.  The mix also works well on a treadmill.  I wanted to post this before now so anyone who downloads it hopefully can make good use of it before summer disappears.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Patrick Watson - Blackwind
  • 03:45    Punch Brothers - Movement & Location
  • 06:45    Willy Porter - Breathe
  • 10:15    Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
  • 14:09    Givers - Up up up
  • 18:30    Jinja Safari - Mermaids
  • 22:22    Benny Goodman - Sing, Sing, Sing
  • 27:20    Mother Falcon - Dirt Summer
  • 30:35    The Killers - Human
  • 34:30    Yacht - Utopia
  • 37:30    Shearwater - Animal Life
  • 40:55    The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado '87
  • 44:32    Matt & Kim - Don't Slow Down
  • 47:33    The Boxer Rebellion - Organ Song
  • 50:50    Lord Huron - Time to Run
  • 55:20    Underworld - Dark & Long
  • 1:02:15    Tilly And The Wall - Heavy Mood
  • 1:05:20    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't Hold Us
  • 1:09:35    Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers
  • 01:12:55    Jonathan Boulet - You're a Animal
  • 01:16:20    Underworld - Downpipe
  • 01:23:30    Jens Lekman - An Argument With Myself
  • 01:27:10    Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
  • 01:32:10    Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
  • 01:39:52    Avett Brothers - Kick Drum Heart
  • 01:42:30    Jonathan Boulet - Mangle Trang
  • 01:45: 55   Japandroids - The House that Heaven Built
  • 01:50:35    The Rural Alberta Advantage - Barnes' Yard
  • 01:52:48    Vampire Weekend - A Punk
  • 01:55:00    Andrew Bird - Fitz and the Dizzyspells
  • 01:58:20    faltyDL - She Sleeps
  • 02:02:38    Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place
  • 02:07:31  end

Under Eno’s covers

July 5th, 2013

At the suggestion of a listener I set out to do a mix of ambient covers.  Not so easy.

But I did find a bunch of Brian Eno cover tunes.  Some I was familiar with, Bang on a Can & Sakamoto, but many of the others were new discoveries made by cruising the web. 

The mix starts with probably the most covered Eno tune - An Ending (Ascent), from Apollo.  The cover of that song comes from a new album by Icebreaker & BJ Cole which covers the entire Apollo album.  It's excellent and any Eno fan will definitely enjoy it.

About a third of the way through the mix, the tunes shift to a few vocal songs. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted go this route but the more I listened to these vocal covers the more I liked them.  From there we switch back into ambient mode.

I think this turned out pretty well and makes for a nice change of pace in the land of Low Light Mixes.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Icebreaker & BJ Cole - an ending (ascent) ii
  • 03:50    Teen Daze - Always Returning
  • 07:55    Dan Piccolo - Music for Airports 1.1
  • 13:30    Bang On A Can - Music for Airports 2.1
  • 17:30    Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - By This River
  • 21:15    Ida - Golden Hours
  • 25:35    Irene Coco & Giovanni Sala - And Then So Clear
  • 29:00    St. Vincent - Some of Them are Old
  • 31:55    Unknown - Spider & I (ona banjo ukulele)
  • 33:15    Band On A Can - Music for Airports 2.2
  • 38:00    Doron Diamond - Music for Airports 1.1 (acoustic)
  • 41:15    AcousticLabs - And Ending (Ascent) (solo guitar)
  • 45:00    Icebreaker & BJ Cole - Drift
  • 47:45    Nathan Fake - Music for Airports 1.1
  • 53:00    Ryosuke Tomita - Becalmed (acoustic)
  • 56:52    end


a leaf on the wind - field recordings & ambience 2013

June 16th, 2013

The title pretty much says it all - this mix is a field recording mix.  I think I've done 3 field mixes in the past but haven't done one in a long time.  So I thought it was time for another sonic exploration.

The track that got me thinking about doing a new field mix was "El Divisader" by Chris Watson from the excellent "El Tren Fantasma" album.  Really a phenomenal track.

The mix starts with some church bells that I slowed down & messed with, the we get the Chris Watson track and from there the mix uses a variety of artists a field recordings to make an interesting(I hope) journey through various sonic landscapes.

I'm not going publish a formal tracklist because there is just too much stuff going on to keep track of. There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.

This is a list of the artists, and approximate times, that have tracks appearing for more a few seconds:

03:35  Chris Watson - el divisadero

10:30  Forrest Fang -  home in exile

15:00  Vangelis - Nocturnal Rain

18:00  David Chapman - an east wind through bomb ballistics and lab 2

21:00  Collin Thomas - blackjack afternoon

31:30  Moniek Darge - solstice sample

35:00  Rapoon - Melancholic Songs of the Desert

38:30  Chris Dooks - For Wolfgang Voight

40:00  Field Rotation - watermusic

45:20  Simon Scott - sealevel.6

50:00  Chris Dooks - Sola

53:45  Linda Aubry Bullock - near

There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.



1969 - trans lunar injection

March 4th, 2012

I've been on kind of a moon binge lately. It started with watching HBO's excellent series, "From the Earth to the Moon." Then I read "We Reach the Moon," a book written in 1969 by John Noble Wilford, the NYT science reporter.

Next I moved on to the wonderful film, "For All Mankind."  It's the story of the men who went to the moon, told in their own words.  Beautiful images and of course Eno's remarkable soundtrack, "Apollo : Atmospheres & Soundtracks".

So my head has been stuck on the moon in 1969.  And that is the genesis of this mix, 1969. All the music used in this mix is either from 1969, related to the moon or both.

I know it may a bit of a cliche to start with Kennedy's moon speech at Rice University but I love that speech & that part still gives me chills.  11 of the tunes are actually from 1969 :

  1. Bowie - Space Oddity
  2. King Crimson - Moonchild
  3. Miles Davis - Sanctuary
  4. Pink Floyd - Sysyphus
  5. Terry Riley - Poppy Noggod
  6. Genesis - In the Beginning
  7. Soft Machine - Spaced
  8. Don Cherry - Man on the Moon
  9. Philip Glass - Music in Contrary Motion
  10. Mort Garson - Walking in Space
  11. Beatles - Across the Universe (covered by Phosphorescent)

It's interesting how many of them had moon or space themes.  I guess that is where everyone's mind was at the time.

I just had to include a couple of cuts from Eno's "Apollo:Atmospheres & Soundtracks" and from the new Air release, "Le Voyage Dans La Lune."  It's a soundtrack Georges Méliès’ short classic, "A Trip to the Moon."  It was originally released in 1902 & has been restored in color with Air's new soundtrack.

Also included in the mix are three tunes from a netlabel album by Re-Drum called "1969".  All the tracks on the album were made by using sampled music from the year 1969.  These are the cuts that I used & the source material used to make those cuts...

1.  Time : King Crimson - Moonchild Including The Dream And The Illusion Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner (Alternate Take) Sly & The Family Stone - You Can Make It If You Try Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - Hikky-Burr Frank Zappa - The Gumbo Variation Booker T & The MG's - Michelle Zephyr - Hard Chargin' Woman Lou Donaldson - Donkey Walk John MacLaughlin - Pete The Poet Herbie Hancock - The Prisoner The Doors - The Soft Parade

2. The Last Breath : The Moody Blues - Eyes Of A Child, Part 1 Zephyr - Somebody Listen Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (voice) Internet Anticipation 1969

3. Armstrong : Lonnie Smith - Eleanor Rigby Kool And The Gang - Give It Up Pink Floyd - The Narrow Way (Part 3) The Rolling Stones - Live With Me Voice: First Moon Landing

This was another fun mix to put together, I hope it's a fun listen as well.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    John Kennedy - "We choose to go to the moon" speech
  • 00:00    Apollo 11 l- anding on the moon
  • 00:58    Boards of Canada - 1969
  • 04:47    David Bowie - Space Oddity (Sébastien Bédé Remix)
  • 07:20    David Bowie - Space Oddity continues (demo version)
  • 09:50    King Crimson - Moonchild
  • 13:25    Miles Davis - Sanctuary
  • 18:00    Air - Moon fever
  • 21:12    Pink Floyd - Sysyphus part 4
  • 23:20    Terry Riley - Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band
  • 28:25    Genesis - In The Beginning
  • 31:55    Soft Machine - Spaced Seven
  • 33:10    Re-Drum - Time
  • 36:45    Don Cherry - Man on the Moon
  • 39:10    Air - Seven Stars
  • 42:50    Re-Drum - The Last Breath
  • 46:15    Philip Glass - Music in Contrary Motion
  • 48:10    Mort Garson - Walking in Space
  • 50:10    Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois - Silver Morning
  • 52:26    Phosphorescent - Across the Universe(Beatles cover)
  • 57:21    Re-Drum - Armstrong
  • 1:00:03    Eno - Always Returning
  • 1:03:46    end



September 5th, 2010

One of my favorites albums this year isThe Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra . What first got my attention was Isabella Rossellini reciting the words of the late author Laura Huxley, widow of Aldous Huxley, on the first track - LookListenFeel. I've always had a thing for Isabella Rossellini so I gave the track a listen...and loved it.

I've been playing this album a lot and I wanted to feature it in a mix but the music wouldn't fit with my normal ambient mixes so I decided to a beat mix.

As with many mixes, this one took twists & turns I hadn't quite expected. It started off sort of psychedelic then quickly veered into something sort of funky, sort of jazzy. I love the detour it took to Dorothy Ashby. I discovered her 1968 album Afro-Harping at NPR music. I had already finished the mix when I heard the song "Soul Vibrations" and just knew I had to use it. It fits in very nicely. Somehow U2 & Dave Brubeck get squeezed in here as well. It finishes off where it began with The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra.

I really enjoyed making this mix & even though it's a bit different for normal low light fare, I hope you enjoy it too.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra - LookListenFeel
  • 03:30 DJ Cam - Gantsa Shit
  • 07:15 Polyoctopus - One Less Thing
  • 10:20 Dorothy Ashby - Soul Vibrations
  • 13:25 Conelrad - Charger Paris Mirage
  • 16:55 U2 - Numb(gimme some more dignity remix)
  • 19:35 The New Mastersounds - Drop It Down(b remix)
  • 22:51 Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping
  • 25:25 Chronomad - Dore Hindi
  • 29:00 Terminal Sound System - Duchamp Falls
  • 32:40 Dave Brubeck - Take Five
  • 37:40 Hidden Orchestra - Footsteps
  • 40"00 Halma - Hektopascal
  • 42:35 Eliot Lipp - Real Tragic
  • 46:00 The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra - A Beautiful Walk in the Country
  • 48:10 end