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Apr 2014

Sunday Morning Music Vol. 8 - slow mornings


Grab a cup of coffee and the paper with this mix as your Sunday soundtrack.

This iteration of the Sunday morning series uses mostly new music including a couple of great Bob Dylan covers from Sarah Jarosz and Phosphorescent.  I couldn't resist starting the mix with the wonderful "Morning" from Beck's new release.

From there we move on to a beautiful, jazzy track from Philémon Chante that I have been itching to use for a while.  That cut is from his album called Les Sessions Cubaines which you can find on Bandcamp here...Philémon Chante

There a couple soundtracks represented in the mix from two of the best films of 2013, "Her" and "Nebraska."  Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett collaborated for the "Her" soundtrack, with two cuts in this mix.  Mark Orton did the beautifully simple soundtrack for "Nebraska" and it shows up here in the track "The Old Compressor Escape."  I've got an Americana mix waiting in the wings which will have more from that soundtrack.

One of my other favs is the cut from Bill Callahan.  He remixed his 2013 album, "Dream River," as a dub album called "Have Fun With God."  It's fantastic!


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Beck - Morning
  • 05:12 M. Ostermeier - Sunlight on My Desk
  • 07:55 Sam Prekop - A Cloud to the Back
  • 11:30 Philémon Chante - J'arrive toujours un peu trop tard
  • 15:40 Sarah Jarosz - Simple Twist of Fate
  • 20:20 Mark Orton - The Old Compressor Escape
  • 22:50 Thievery Corporation - le coeur (feat lou lou ghelichkhani)
  • 25:45 Assia Cunego - Canto Ostinato Section 25-30
  • 29:00 Segue - slow mornings
  • 34:00 Bill Callahan - Small Dub
  • 37:45 Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett - Dimensions
  • 40:34 Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - An Invitation
  • 43:08 Nick Cave - Into My Arms
  • 47:17 Phosphorescent - Tomorrow is a Long Time
  • 51:30 Paul Buchanan - Mid Air
  • 53:45 Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett - We're All Leaving
  • 56:17 end

Dec 2013

Late Night Encounters Vol. 1

The title of this mix pretty much says it all.  This is a collection of tunes that works well at night.

I didn't want the mix to be dark & depressing or dark and scary, just something that feels more at home at night.  It's sort of the opposite of the Sunday morning mixes.  Although a few tunes could go either way.

I didn't start out making a "night" mix, it just sort of happened on it's own after the first few cuts.  The mix opens with a fantastic remix of Bowie's Sound & Vision.  This cut isn't necessarily a "night" tune but I just had to use it.  The next three cuts are what took the mix in the nightside direction.

I labeled the mix "Vol. 1" because I'd like to turn this into a series just like the Sunday morning mixes.  So look for more in 2014.  But there's still one more mix on it's way in 2013.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    David Bowie - Sound and Vision(Sonjay Prabhakar remix)
  • 02:50    Arve Henriksen - Shelter From The Storm
  • 06:00    Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle - By The Time That I Awoke
  • 10:00    Moritz von Oswald & Nils Petter Molvaer - Step by Step
  • 15:45    Justin Walter - The Way Of Five
  • 20:10    A.A. Bondy - Mightiest Of Guns
  • 23:22    Loren Connors - Shadows
  • 26:30    Labradford - By Chris Johnston, Craig Markva, Jamie Evans
  • 31:00    Public Service Broadcasting - Late Night Final
  • 36:30    Jon Hassell - Amsterdam Blue
  • 44:30    The National - Hard To Find
  • 48:25    Jonathan Boulet - Cent Voix
  • 52:55    Ghosting Season - Lie
  • 56:00    Mirroring - Mirror Of Our Sleeping
  • 59:30    Loren Connors - Night In Vain
  • 1:01:45    Grace Cathedral Park - Hey Pretty, Could You Stay Awhile
  • 1:11:28    end
Dec 2013

A winter’s dub

I love dubby ambient.  I think this is my third dub mix this year.  I'm sure I'll grow tired of this style of music but for now I'm soaking it in.  It was snowing while I made this mix & the music just seemed to fit the winter mood.  Hence the name "A Winter's Dub."

Many of the tracks in this mix came from Bandcamp.  As a matter of fact, all the links in the tracklist are to Bandcamp pages.  I love Bandcamp.  So easy & convenient.  And great for discovering new music.  I bought a bunch of stuff this year by following other folks & sampling we they buy.

Here is my Bandcamp collection for anyone that's interested.

Enjoy the dub!


Sep 2013

Sunday Morning Music vol. 7 - The Sun King

 found a cool clip on YouTube from the Beatles Abbey Road album.  It is the 16 minute medley that closes the album but it's only the vocals.  It's fascinating to listen to familiar vocals in a new way.  Here's a link to the YouTube clip... Abbey Road vocals.

The vocals for "The Sun King" caught my attention and I thought they'd make a nice start to a new Sunday morning mix.  I couldn't resist messing with the track a little bit so I slowed it down and mixed part of that slowed down track under the normal one  I like the way the sowed track fills the space between vocals.  Then I brought the slow track up full to finish off The Sun King.  It's really kind of amazing how beautiful the track still sounds even when slowed way down.

As I was adding tracks to the mix I stumbled upon the Sun Kil Moon song "Sunshine in Chicago" and it hit me that the mix should revolve around the sun.  So every song on the tracklist has "sun" in the title.

I love using a keyword to narrow a musical search because it always turns up cuts I had completely forgotten about.  In this case I was very excited to have dug up "Eternity's Sunrise" from the "Children of Men" score.  I'm pretty happy with how this "sunny" mix turned out.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    The Beatles - The Sun King(vocals only)
  • 01:51    Lights Out Asia - Birds Sing Sun-Rising Hymns
  • 04:55    Jon Hopkins - Sun Harmonics
  • 12:10    Phosphorescent - Sun, Arise
  • 15:05    Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Painted Sun in Abstract
  • 18:00    Boards of Canada - Turquoise Hexagon Sun
  • 23:00    Popol Vuh - Morning Sun
  • 26:17    Alexi Murdoch - Towards the Sun
  • 30:25    Ben Howard - Under the Same Sun
  • 32:45    M. Ostermeier - Sunlight on My Desk
  • 35:15    Underworld - capa meets the sun
  • 37:00    Max Richter - Sunlight
  • 42:28    Jon Hopkins - The Wider Sun
  • 44:48    John Tavener - Eternity's Sunrise
  • 47:10    Vir Unis - Infinite Sun
  • 50:20    David Sylvian - Sunlight seen through towering trees
  • 52:55    The Seven Fields Of Aphelion - Sunburst Chemicals
  • 55:33    Sun Kil Moon - Sunshine in Chicago
  • 57:55    The Beatles - The Sun King
  • 1:00:20    end

Aug 2013

dub transmissions

I happened to come across a new tune from Moritz Von Oswald Trio.  The song, Blue Dub, has this great, slow, sparse dub thing going on that I love.  I knew as soon as I heard it that I'd have to make a new mix of dub related tunes.

So, "dub transmissions" is, duh, is mix of dub tunes.  I've done them before & this one is similar to the others.  I think the previous ones have had parts that are a little noisier & spacier than this mix.  Most of these tunes have a beat, although that beat can be very laid back and muffled.  


T R A C K L I S T :

  1. 00:00    Moritz Von Oswald Trio - Blue Dub
  2. 05:30    The Black Dog - Sleep Deprivation 1
  3. 09:30    krill.minima - Kalypso
  4. 12:50    Holger Flinsch - Navigator
  5. 19:10    Massive Attack - Cool Monsoon
  6. 23:00    Deepcord - Theme From Silent World
  7. 32:20    Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - The Spirit Wore the Shoes of the Boy
  8. 37:10    Iminazole - Sunny
  9. 41:20    The Green Kingdom - dustloop4
  10. 44:05    Deadbeat - Portable Memory
  11. 47:30    As If - Crumble to Dust
  12. 54:30    Pablo Bolivar - Walk Man Fever
  13. 1:05:05    As If - To Be Ground
  14. 1:09:30    Bjorn Rohde - Forest of Forgotten Hearts
  15. 1:15:35    end




May 2013

Sunday Morning Music - 1970s Recollections

More Sunday morning music - this time all the tracks are from the 1970s.  In collecting these cuts I discovered two albums that I somehow missed - Kraftwerk Ralf & Florian and Cluster Sowiesoso.  I have plenty of Kraftwerk & Cluster in my collection but I didn't have those two albums &  they are both wonderful.  So thanks to Matt for suggesting those two records.  Also thanks Matt for suggesting the Nue! track.  That one was "new" to me and it fit perfectly.

I know the Nick Drake tune was technically not the 1970s but I had already fallen in love with it & put it in the mix before I realized that it was released in 1969.  Oh well.

I went back and forth about using the Ralph Towner cut.  It's a bit too pretty, almost new age-like, but I used to love that song.  Along with Eberhard Weber, Towner's Icarus was my introduction into the wonderful world of ECM records back when I was in college.  So I had to include it for nostalgia sake.  I'm glad I did because it really is a beautiful tune.

I wasn't able to squeeze in all of the great suggestions from listeners so I'm definitely going to have to do a second mix with this theme.  I really want to work that Kris Kristofferson tune into the next one.  And I didn't get a chance to work in Josh's suggestions of electronic library music.  I sought out the Monkman album & it's so cool, it just has to be included next time.  Too many good tunes left on the cutting room floor!  I better get started on the next mix.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Kraftwerk - Heimatklange[1973]
  • 03:31    King Crimson - Peace a Theme[1970]
  • 04:40    Nick Drake - Riverman[1969]
  • 08:50    Cat Stevens - The Wind[1971]
  • 10:22    Ralph Towner - Icarus[1974]
  • 16:27    Nue! - Leb Wohl[1975]
  • 24:50    Cluster - in ewigkeit[1976]
  • 31:25    Miles Davis - Recollections[1970]
  • 38:25    Kraftwerk - ananas symphonie[1973]
  • 45:30    Brian Eno - Julie With[1977]
  • 50:30    Eberhard Weber - Moana I[1976]
  • 55:22    Genesis - Horizons[1972]
  • 56:55    Loudon Wainwright III - Lullaby[1973]
  • 59:45    Steve Tibbetts - The Secret[1977]
  • 04:25    Heldon 2 - In the Wake of King Fripp[1975]
  • 08:30    Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain[1974]
  • 13:20    end
Jan 2013

Sunday Morning Music vol. 5 - Chasing Ice

I have to be honest.  One of the reasons I've done so many(#5 now) of these Sunday morning music mixes is that they are so popular, especially on Mixcloud.  So I'm a sellout, a ratings whore.  I admit it.  But I like to think that each Sunday mix is a good listen in it's own way.

I usually stumble upon a song or two that prompts me to start a new mix.  In this case it was the song "Before My Time" which leads off the mix.  It's the song that plays during the credits of the film Chasing Ice.  When I heard it as the credits rolled it knocked my socks off.  That's Scarlett Johansson singing.  She's got a unique voice,  not one to be used for candy coated pop music.  But absolutely perfect for the beautiful restraint of "Before My Time."

I hope this mix is another worthy addition to the Sunday morning music series.  Enjoy.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    J. Ralph & Scarlett Johansson - Before My Time (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 03:33    Sigur Ros - Varðeldur (from Valtari)
  • 09:15    Manu Katché - Slowing the Tides (from Manu Katché)
  • 14:35    Simon Scott - sealevel.1 (from Below Sealevel)
  • 18:25    Kiln - Centrifu (from Thermals)
  • 19:40    S. Carey - Mothers (from All We Grow)
  • 24:45    Andrew Bird - Night Sky (from Norman OST)
  • 28:13    Endless Melancholy - A Song for the Morning Star (from Music for Quiet Mornings)
  • 32:40    Schulte & Martin - Frosty Morning (from Treasure)
  • 36:10   J. Ralph - Chasing Ice (Croconite) (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 39:05    Max Richter - Winter 3 (from Vivaldi 4 Seasons Recomposed)
  • 43:15    Patrick Watson - Noisy Sunday (from Adventurers in Your Own Backyard)
  • 45:05    Garth Stevenson - Dawn (from Flying)
  • 50:55    Manuell Göttsching - Quasarsphere (from Inventions for Electric Guitar)
  • 56:55    J. Ralph - You're No Longer Just a Human Being (from Chasing Ice OST)
  • 58:40    end

Nov 2012

Sunday Morning Music vol. 4 - To Speak of Solitude

Oops!  It's Sunday night & I'm posting a mix called Sunday Morning Music.  Oh well, play it next Sunday while reading the paper with a cup of coffee.

This is the fourth in the Sunday morning series.  It follows a similar pattern - some ambient, some vocal tunes, some jazz - all of it nice & relaxing.  Perfect for a Sunday morning.  This morning I was actually able to sip coffee out on the deck(shown in the pic). Not bad for the 11th of November in Wisconsin.

Two of my favorite cuts in the mix are the two tracks(End of the World & The Smallest Piece) from the soundtrack of "Beasts of the Southern Wild."  I'm o very fond of the cuts from Geoffrey Oreyma & Andrew Bird.  The latest release from Andrew Bird will definitely be on my year-end,best-of list.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Brambles - To Speak of Solitude
  • 03:30    The xx - Angels
  • 06:11    The Boats - The Ballad For The Girl On The Moon
  • 09:40    The Bark Psychosis - Pendulum Man
  • 16:40    Trespassers William - Believe Me
  • 20:46    Yo Yo Ma & Chris Thile - Franz & The Eagle
  • 24:20    Geoffrey Oryema - Makambo
  • 28:55    Pat Metheny/Steve Reich - Electric Counterpoint
  • 32:09    Philip Glass & Nosaj Thing - Knee 1
  • 35:35    Charles Lloyd Quartet - Dwija
  • 40:40    Clarke - Black Stone
  • 42:34    Benh Zeitlin, Dan Romer, The Lost Bayou Ramblers - End of the World
  • 44:00    Benh Zeitlin, Dan Romer, The Lost Bayou Ramblers - The Smallest Piece
  • 45:25    Andrew Bird - Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses
  • 51:25    Horse Feathers - Summer for Capricorns
  • 54:28    David Sylvian - Camp Fire Coyote Country
  • 58:00    Nils Frahm - Sol
Oct 2012

illusions of autumn

I wanted to get this mix in while it is still autumn.  I originally did this mix last fall for the good folks over at Headphone Commute. If you've not been there, head over to their great site for reviews, news, sound clips & of course mixes.

The music in the mix sort of has an autumnal feel to it at least I hope so considering the title is “Illusions of Autumn.”  Not sure what qualifies a tune as being autumnal, I guess it’s a case of “I know it, when I hear it.”

I was glad to use the Arve Henriksen tune, I love his stuff but sometimes it doesn't fit in a straight ambient mix.  But it works well here, it really has a nice fall color feel to me.

Enjoy autumn while you can, winter is will be here soon.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Nils Frahm - Old Thought
  • 04:00    Cliff Martinez - Rubber Head
  • 06:25    Benoît Pioulard - Malick
  • 08:45    Daniel Lanois - Matador
  • 13:05    King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - First Watch
  • 15:10    Harold Budd - Come Back to Me in Dreams
  • 16:55    Arve Henriksen - Sorrow and It's Opposite
  • 19:00    Steve Tibbetts - Nine Doors Breathing Space
  • 20:55    Arve Henriksen - Sorrow and It's Opposite(continuation)
  • 21:40    Andrey Kiritchenko - Agravic Illusion
  • 26:50    Animal Hospital - Nostalgia
  • 28:00    The Fun Years - Fucking Milwaukee's Been Hesher Forever
  • 31:15    Bexar Bexar - n.r.o.t.
  • 34:05    Daniel Lanois - Sketches
  • 38:00    Antonymnes meets Slow Dancing Society - A Feeling of Being Closer
  • 46:55    Maps & Diagrams - When the Night Came
  • 50:15    Emanuele Errante - Counterclockwise
  • 55:40    Cliff Martinez - Wrong Floor
  • 57:05    end
Jul 2012

Every day is like Sunday - Sunday morning music vol. 3

Sunday mornings in summer...put on some coffee even though the temps are already climbing.

Sunday mornings in summer...are spent on the deck with the paper & the birds.

Sunday mornings in summer...slow motion start to a slow motion day.

This is the third in my unplanned Sunday morning music series.  I hadn't intended to more than one of these mixes but the first was so popular on Mixcloud that I couldn't resist doing more.  I was amazed at how many listens it got and to be honest, I liked that popularity, so I became a bit of a ratings whore & went back to that same well again.

As with the others in this series, this mix is a collection of instrumentals, acoustic tunes, jazz & other oddballs.  I am happy to have squeezed in the tune, The Farther Away I Am, from Daryl Hall.  Yes that's Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates.  It's from a 1980 solo album he did that was produced by Robert Fripp, thereby assuring it would be a commercial bomb.  The album was kind hit & miss but I've always loved that song.

Other favs in the mix are the ones by Sun Kil Moon & Keola Beamer and of course the Colin Meloy cover which I stole as the title for volume 3 in this series. I know the Beamer tune borders on new age.  But I think this cut doesn't go over the edge into new age crap.  It just has this nice breezy feel which perfect for sitting on the deck with the sun on your face.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Daniel Lanois - Steamdog
  • 02:00    Sun Kil Moon - Sunshine in Chicago
  • 04:30    Keola Beamer - `Imi Au Io `Oe
  • 07:27    Colin Meloy - Every day is  Like Sunday(Morrissey cover)
  • 10:40    Brian Eno - Silver Morning
  • 12:50    Foreign Fields - From the Lake to the Land
  • 15:20    Daryl Hall - The Farther Away I Am
  • 17:40    Sigur Ros - varðeldur
  • 23:25    Bill Nelson - Your Morning Blessing
  • 26:05    Wolfgang Voigt - Fresko 1
  • 29:05    Nora Jones - Good Morning
  • 32:10    Uakti - Japura River(philip glass cover)
  • 36:41    Steve Tibbetts - kili-ki drok
  • 37:45    Jeff Pearce - With the Morning Light
  • 42:20    Jan Garbarek - Ov zarmanali
  • 45:00    Chet Baker - Early Morning Mood
  • 52:20    Steve Tibbetts - Drawing Down the Moon
  • 57:05    Sufjan Stevens - The Lord God Bird(live on NPR)
  • 1:00:37    end