March 8th, 2009

This is another new kind of mix for the blog. This is an all Eno mix.

I came across the Eno tune "Spider & I " in a recently downloaded mix & I was reminded of how much I like Eno's voice. So I thought why not collect some favorite vocal tunes together in one place.

For the first half of the mix I alternate between vocal tunes & instrumentals. I thought this might be nice to break things up a bit. About half way through I realized I'd run out of time so I went to all vocals. I love singing along with his songs & it is nice to have some favorites all together.

The title comes from Genesis' "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album, where Eno is credited with "enosification." Which he described this way..."I would take existing instruments and feed them through various devices to 'weird them up'."

I hope you enjoy this Eno mix.....

T R A C K L I S T : 00:00 By This River (Before & After Science) 02:51 Music for Glitterbug - track 10 (music for glitterbug) 05:37 Everything Merges with the Night (Another Green World) 09:20 Marine Radio (Spinner) 14:05 And Then So Clear (Another Day) 19:25 Summer Ride (Curiosities vol.2) 23:21 Spider & I (Before & After Science) 26:55 Dunwich Beach, Autumn 1960 (On Land) 28:55 Taking Tiger Mountain (Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy) 34:00 Zawinul Lava (Another Green World) 25:36 Julie With (Before & After Science) 41:00 Golden Hours (Anoter Green World) 44:44 This (Another Day) 48:04 On Some Faraway Beach (Here Come the Warm Jets) 52:25 No Orders w/ J. Peter Schwalm (Musikain) 56:23 Bottomliners (Another Day) 1:00:00 end