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Mar 2020

Lullabies for a Night Train by Paul Asbury Seaman

March 8, 2020



After the last mix, I was trying to decide what to do next - sea mix? orchestral? shortwave? train? Well, Paul beat me to it by sending a tracklist for another excellent train mix.


Here's what Paul has to say about this mix:

“The main qualification in selecting music for a train mix is that it has that distinctive rocking rhythm, like a cradle. Like a lullaby. Beyond that, there is the paradoxical elements of both wistfulness and anticipation—nostalgia and unknown adventures. This mix features a more mellow side of “Berlin School” sequencer-driven electronic music. I have also included one track each from my other three train mixes for Low Light Mixes: “The Memory of Trains,” “Galaxy Express” and “Places I’ve Never Been” (all available on Mixcloud). “Memory of Trains” was the first mix I did with Dave and Low Light Mixes three years ago. And life has never been the same! Happy travels, on this slightly longer-than-usual journey….”

Paul, thanks for another superb set!
T R A C K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Stellardrone - Twilight (A Moment of Silence 2011)
  • 04:10    Tom Moore & Mike Clay - Leaving Our Orbit (Beyond Our Orbit 2020)
  • 08:40    MHZ - Train Tracks (25 Peaks 2015)
  • 14:30    Marconi Union - Sleeper (Ghost Stations 2015)
  • 20:25    Cousin Silas - Green Mist (Midnight Beats 1 2020)
  • 25:27    Spiral Dreams - Anywhere (Anywhere 2016)
  • 32:45    John Agebjorn - Sleepless on the Kostomuksha-Petrozavodsk Night Train (We Never Came To The White Sea 2017)
  • 38:54    Paul Speer & Sherry Finzer - Venus Rising (2016)
  • 43:57    Von Haulshoven - The Multiverse Trip (Symptom of the Multiverse 2019)
  • 51:14    Stimulus Timbre - Look at the Stars and Think of Us (A Place We Never Been 2017)
  • 56:43    Germind - Time Consciousness (Antimatter 2014)
  • 62:45    Between Interval - On Track (Legacy 2017)
  • 66:02    Tigerforest - Vermilion (Songs of Reverence 2016)
  • 70:15    Sequentia Legenda - Au Revoir (Extended 2016)
  • 89:12    end