alien architecture

April 22nd, 2012

The music in this mix has a strange, sort of alien feel to it.  The pieces are a bit darker, but not creepy or annoying.  But they do all have a weird other-worldly sense to them.

This started with the first track, "We Swallowed the Night" by Anduin.  It just sounded vaguely alien and a bit threatening.  So from there I decided to construct a mix around that feeling.

When I make mixes I collect tracks over time & toss them into a folder to sort through later.  Sometimes I'll bring the folder of music to work with me & make the mix there(shhhh, don't tell anyone).  The problem with doing that is I have to convert the mp3's to wav or aiff files and in the process the tracks can lose the artist identifier.  So I only know the track title but not the artist.  That's how I ended up with 4 tracks from Robert Rich & Ian Boddy in one mix.  I usually don't like to have that much from album or artist.  That's also how the mix ended up with two Pjusk cuts back to back.  Oh well, Guess I'll just have to be more careful next time.

I didn't want to go the Lustmord "where black stars hang" route and have the mix be scary alien.  I just wanted unearthly alien.  Hopefully I hit that tone pretty well.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Anduin - We Swallowed the Night
  • 01:56    Harold Budd - Dark Star
  • 04:16    Hecq - aback
  • 06:23    Pjusk - Kram
  • 11:44    Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Threshold
  • 12:28    nebulo & druc drac - rive nord - rive sud
  • 14:30    EU - 60 Planets
  • 16:37    Monolake - phenomenon
  • 19:10    Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Methane
  • 22:10    Anduin - The Voyeurs Wall of Glass
  • 25:25    Lights Out Asia - All These Worlds Are Yours
  • 27:15    Jon Hopkins - Cold Out There
  • 30:16    Pjusk - Granitt
  • 33:33    Pjusk - Flint
  • 37:15    Loscil - Pressure
  • 39:55    Roly Porter - Arrakis
  • 42:05    Loren Connors - Red Mars
  • 43:15    Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Ice Fields
  • 48:05    Saul Stokes - We Resolve
  • 53:10    Robert Rich & Ian Boddy - Last Outpost
  • 55:04    end