Beyond this window

October 18th, 2009

Generally I like autumn.  I don't mind the colder temps, colors are great, don't have to mow the lawn anymore, etc.  But this year the weather has been nasty, too cold too soon & lots of rain.

So I set out to do a bleak, cold October mix.  But as usually happens with mixes, they take on a life of their own and lead you in different directions.  I realized, as I was collecting tunes, that I didn't want the mix to turn into some dark, Halloween-ish affair.

Ultimately I turned to all new music as source material.  While most of it is not all bleak & depressing, neither is it all sunny & bright.  I'm glad to have worked some currents favs into the mix, such as Leyland Kirby, Sufjan Stevens, Loren Dent & Volcano Choir.

Even though today was a beautiful, sunny fall day, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for a hot cup of coffee, listening to this mix & gazing beyond this, or any, window.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    wind
  • 00:30    Solo Andata - Beyond this Window (from the album Solo Andata)
  • 04:00    David Tagg - Wind Blown Guitar (from the album Wind Blown Guitar)
  • 07:50    Aidan Baker - Explosions (from the album Dry)
  • 11:30    Segue - October (from the album Grey)
  • 16:00    Ian Hawgood - Shore Peotry (from the album Snow Roads)
  • 16:30    Isnaj Dui - That whgich was lost (from the album unstable equlibrium)
  • 22:00    Leyland Kirby - Memories live longer than dreams (from the album sadly the future is no longer what it was)
  • 27:20    Sufjan Stevens - Postlude - Critical Mass (from the album The BQE)
  • 29:30    Talvihorros - Handwriting Pt. 1 (from the album Some Ambulance)
  • 34:20    Loren Dent - Ecstasy of Morning (from the album Anthopology extras)
  • 40:50    Ave Maria stretched
  • 42:50    Billy Gomberg - Verse (from the album Days)
  • 47:50    Volcano Choir - Husks & Shells (from the album unmap)
  • 51:00    Chihei Hatakeyama - Landscape on a Hill (from the album Saunter)
  • 59:22    end