Music for a Mars landing

August 5th, 2012

Back in November I did a mix for the launch of Curiosity, NASA's newest Mars rover.  Now 8 months later, Curiosity has arrived at Mars.  So this mix is music for landing on Mars, in honor of Curiosity's EDL or entry, descent and landing.

As I write this, the landing has not taken place yet.  But I wanted to get the mix uploaded on the day of the landing.  I'll update the post depending on the result of the EDL.

I started off this mix just picking electronic tunes I liked for this theme then quickly realized that many of the titles fit perfectly.  Track titles such as "We Travel", "Bold Advances" "Flying (in crimson skies)" and "Arrival".  So I looked for a few more with appropriate names, kept a few that had titles that didn't matter and the mix was launched.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Marconi Union - We Travel
  • 06:55    Tycho - Adrift
  • 14:40    Dub Trees - Dreamlab
  • 17:35    Loops of Your Heart - End
  • 22:50    Ricardo Donoso - conditional formatting descent
  • 24:55    Lunar Testing Lab - Slinky Antenna
  • 26:45    Bersarin Quartet - Der Mond, der Schnee und Du
  • 30:47    Stendec - Descent
  • 32:05    Helios - Bold Advances
  • 34:15    Anenon - The Sea and The Stars
  • 35:44    Clark - Skyward Bruise/Descent
  • 37:15    Daft Punk - Arrival
  • 38:56    Marconi Union - Flying (in crimson skies)
  • 45:10    Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - b1
  • 52:15    Altus - The Awe and Wonder
  • 58:40    Wixel - Surface Dust
  • 1:00:18    Hecq - Red Sky