Infinite ambient

June 23rd, 2013
I usually keep different folders of music for different types of mixes.  I have a "sea" folder.  And one called "dub & stuff."  Another is "piano."  And of course several "Sunday morning" folders as well.

The folder for this mix was called "just plain old good ambient."  And that's a pretty darn good description of this mix.  There's no special theme or concept other than the fact that these cuts are all excellent ambient tunes.

The mix has a classic sound, classic feel.  However, only one track is old - that's the Aphex Twin song.  I love how the cuts flow together, making it a perfect mix for sleeping if you use these mixes like I do.  I can also see listening to this while sitting on the front steps watching the sun set(unfortunately now instead of my nice farm across the street I have a subdivision of McMansions)

Five or six of the tracks in this mix came from Bandcamp, which I love for buying music & discovering new things via collections.  I really have to control myself when I'm on that site or I'd be spending all sorts of money.  My collection there is not really that large, partly because I really don't buy as much ambient music as I used to.  If you're interested, here's a link to my Bandcamp collection... Dave's Collection

Enjoy the mix!

T R A C K L I S T :

00:00    Marsen Jules Trio - Œillet Parfait
04:34    Harold Budd - Jane 8
09:20    Caught in the Wake Forever - Chopin's 2 Nocturnes op. 48 no. 2 in F sharp minor
11:22    Taylor Deupree - Shutter
16:45    Aphex Twin - stone in focus
23:00    Dakota Suite - Things We Lost Along the Way (Loscil remix)
27:20    Maps & Diagrams - Utgores
29:15    Infinite Coil - Transmit 2
32:40    Unrecognizable Now - Two Rooms - One
39:50    Wouter Veldhuis - Side-effects of diversity
44:00    33 Bowls - Morning
46:00    Slow Dancing Society - After Twilight Takes Us
50:40    Ten and Tracer - By Twirling the Strong History
56:35    Cyber Zen Sound Engine - Mottomo Kodokuna Basho
1:00:00    end

a leaf on the wind - field recordings & ambience 2013

June 16th, 2013

The title pretty much says it all - this mix is a field recording mix.  I think I've done 3 field mixes in the past but haven't done one in a long time.  So I thought it was time for another sonic exploration.

The track that got me thinking about doing a new field mix was "El Divisader" by Chris Watson from the excellent "El Tren Fantasma" album.  Really a phenomenal track.

The mix starts with some church bells that I slowed down & messed with, the we get the Chris Watson track and from there the mix uses a variety of artists a field recordings to make an interesting(I hope) journey through various sonic landscapes.

I'm not going publish a formal tracklist because there is just too much stuff going on to keep track of. There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.

This is a list of the artists, and approximate times, that have tracks appearing for more a few seconds:

03:35  Chris Watson - el divisadero

10:30  Forrest Fang -  home in exile

15:00  Vangelis - Nocturnal Rain

18:00  David Chapman - an east wind through bomb ballistics and lab 2

21:00  Collin Thomas - blackjack afternoon

31:30  Moniek Darge - solstice sample

35:00  Rapoon - Melancholic Songs of the Desert

38:30  Chris Dooks - For Wolfgang Voight

40:00  Field Rotation - watermusic

45:20  Simon Scott - sealevel.6

50:00  Chris Dooks - Sola

53:45  Linda Aubry Bullock - near

There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.