Hammock Music - tracks for relaxig in one

August 21st, 2015


The pic above is of the hammock in my backyard.  My kids got it for me for Father's Day and I love it.  I can't figure out why I didn't have one before.  On many nights this summer I grab my kindle and a beer and lay contentedly under our big birch tree.

Of course as a true music obsessive I have speakers out on the deck that I control remotely.  So whenever I head out to the hammock to read or just space out, I cue up some ambient, classical or jazz and just drift away.

That's where I got the idea for this mix.  I needed a new collection to keep me company while I sway in the cool evening air.  For some reason when I think of "porch music" or evening music, I think of ambient guitar.  So most of this mix is guitar based, some more ambient than others.  A lot of it is fairly new and all of it works well with bug spray and a beer.  I couldn't resist ending the mix with a tune from...Hammock.  


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Nathan Amundson - More Horses
  • 05:18 Jakob Bro - Lyskaster
  • 09:00 CFCF - A Various Language(from the same hill)
  • 12:25 Daniel Lanois - Space Love
  • 14:00 David Tagg - Comanche
  • 20:20 Josh Mason - Petals Too Tired To
  • 23:00 Dirk Serries - Disorientation Flow
  • 31:15 Christopher Willits - Now
  • 35:35 Tonepoet - Headspace
  • 41:50 Brian Eno - From the Same Hill
  • 44:24 Matt Borghi - Homage to Dave Liebman
  • 47:54 Alessio Ballerini - Night in Day
  • 51:21 Tone Color - City of Three Rivers
  • 56:45 Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

Music for the Perseid meteor shower

August 12th, 2015


The title of this one pretty much says it all.

So download the mix, grab some bourbon, a blanket and head outside to witness the 2015 version of the Perseid meteor shower.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00         Moesko - Stargazer
  • 03:55   Marconi Union - Still
  • 07:35   36 - Sky Fire
  • 11:11   Alio Die - nuvole di palissandro
  • 12:25   Alva Noto - Solphaer
  • 17:55   Julio Di Benedetto - Original Light
  • 26:26   Robert Davies - Nightshade
  • 35:20   Klowknfe - Gamma
  • 42:30   Horizon Fire - Earthlight
  • 44:55   Moesko - Cloudgazer
  • 47:55   Donnacha Costello - You Are Not Here
  • 51:05   Marconi Union - Fading
  • 57:15   end