City Centre Offices - Impact & Inspiration

March 25th, 2017


This week marks the final transmission of the wonderful record label, City Centre Offices.  Their style of electronic music was new to me at the time and I devoured their releases with a rapacious glee.  I think I have somewhere between 40 - 50 CCO recordings.
City Centre Offices has been silent for a number of years and I hate to admit that I'd sort of forgotten about them.  But now this week brings one final release, Boy Robot - Final Transmission.  So with the end of CCO officially here, I thought I'd collect a few favorites in a new mix.  There is so much great music that came from CCO that I could have done mixes that were hours long but I kept this one to the standard 1 hour.
Rather than go on and on rhapsodically about what a marvelous label City Centre Offices is, I'll direct you to this excellent article over at A Strangely Isolated Place -
Great stories, insight and music in that ASIP reminiscence.  The good folks at ASIP also put together a terrific Spotify playlist of CCO music.
I hope you enjoy this little stroll down memory lane as much as I did.
T R A C K L I S T:
  • 0:00    Arovane - A Secret
  • 04:00    Casino versus Japan - Late for School
  • 09:45    Herrmann & Kleine - Transalpin
  • 15:40    Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us & Them
  • 22:00    Xela - Softness of Senses
  • 26:06    Christian Kleine - Guitar Interrupt
  • 29:48    Dub Tractor - 50Hz Guitar
  • 35:17    Opiate - Open
  • 37:26    Boy Robot - Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle
  • 40:40    Bitstream - Stream One
  • 44:40    Styrofoam - Cashier Escape Song
  • 50:33    Dictaphone - Dictaphone II
  • 53:24    Swod - Intro
  • 54:14    Marsen Jules - Chanson Du Soir
  • 58:42    Ulrich Schnauss - Gone Forever
  • 66:23    END

a slow thaw 2017

March 9th, 2017



I haven't had time lately for new mixes but I wanted to get something up on Mixcloud so I thought I'd resurrect an old mix.  This mix was originally done 10 years ago.  Yikes!  I can't believe I've been doing this that long.
There were a few tracks in the original mix that I didn't really like anymore so I added a few new ones and took out a few old cuts.  The new tracks are by Tilman Robinson, Loess, Murcof & Venessa Wagner, and Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society.
I hope to get back on track with new mixes coming more frequently. There's also a guest mix coming very soon.
T R AC K L I S T :
  • 00:00    Tilman Robinson - Bathed in Her
  • 05:55    Michael Brook - Earth Alone
  • 07:25    Windy & Carl - Akimatsuri
  • 12:25    Underworld & Gabriel Yared - St. Pancras
  • 15:45    Loess - Striae
  • 20:15    Oblong - Rendevous
  • 23:22    Rafael Anton Irisarri - Waking Expectations
  • 29:25    Green Kingdom - Autumn Toadlick
  • 35:15    Xela - Bobble Hats in Summer
  • 40:20    Chihei Hatakeyama - Granular Haze
  • 43:10    Daisuke Miyatani - Yu
  • 44:10    Eluvium | Requium on Frankfort Ave.
  • 46:25    Dollboy | Hatterjax
  • 51:25    Murcof & Vanessa Wagner - Aphex Twin Avril 14th.
  • 55:10    Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - Half Light