Folding Water - Fourth World Excursions

July 17th, 2018



In the distance

A lost, forgotten bell sings

beyond the water


This is a set of music that adhere's to Jon Hassell's idea of a musical aesthetic that is "a unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques."


You'll find some drums, bells, gamelan, vibraphone and other mallet instruments as well as a healthy dose of field recordings. Hopefully the mix will make you feel like you're floating in a small, wooden boat anchored in an Indonesian bay.



T R A C K L I S T : 

  • 00:00    Third Coast Percussion - Paddle to the Sea - Sanctuary
  • 03:15    Andrew Pekler - Bororo
  • 04:33    Jan Schulte - Klang Fangt An
  • 06:05    William Selman - Thick Description
  • 09:15    Jon Hassell - Empire I
  • 10:25    Jon Hassell - Malay
  • 13:00    Vieo Abiungo - Barges Bellow Their Foul Air(Sven Kacirek remix)
  • 16:20    Abby Lee Tee - Riverside Burrows Pt. 2
  • 18:25    Arp - Folding Water
  • 22:10    O Yuki Conjugate - Cloud Cover
  • 25:10    Andrew Pekler - Humidity Index / Khao Sok (Chopped and Screwed)
  • 27:30    William Selman - The Island Before the Internet
  • 31:35    Laraaji - Enthusiasm
  • 33:45    Abby Lee Tee - Riverside Burrows Pt. 1
  • 34:30    David Edren - Baulungan
  • 36:25    Third Coast Percussion - Paddle to the Sea - The Lighthouse and Cabin
  • 38:00    DR - IV
  • 39:10    Michael Emenau - Waterphone
  • 44:10    Jon Hassell - Miracle Steps
  • 47:45    Andrew Pekler - Mirror Structures(Mirrored)
  • 50:00    David Cunningham - Blue River
  • 53:05    Nao Otsuka - Clock Chimes
  • 56:15    Abby Lee Tee - Riverside Burrows Pt. 2
  • 58:52    end





a leaf on the wind - field recordings & ambience 2013

June 16th, 2013

The title pretty much says it all - this mix is a field recording mix.  I think I've done 3 field mixes in the past but haven't done one in a long time.  So I thought it was time for another sonic exploration.

The track that got me thinking about doing a new field mix was "El Divisader" by Chris Watson from the excellent "El Tren Fantasma" album.  Really a phenomenal track.

The mix starts with some church bells that I slowed down & messed with, the we get the Chris Watson track and from there the mix uses a variety of artists a field recordings to make an interesting(I hope) journey through various sonic landscapes.

I'm not going publish a formal tracklist because there is just too much stuff going on to keep track of. There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.

This is a list of the artists, and approximate times, that have tracks appearing for more a few seconds:

03:35  Chris Watson - el divisadero

10:30  Forrest Fang -  home in exile

15:00  Vangelis - Nocturnal Rain

18:00  David Chapman - an east wind through bomb ballistics and lab 2

21:00  Collin Thomas - blackjack afternoon

31:30  Moniek Darge - solstice sample

35:00  Rapoon - Melancholic Songs of the Desert

38:30  Chris Dooks - For Wolfgang Voight

40:00  Field Rotation - watermusic

45:20  Simon Scott - sealevel.6

50:00  Chris Dooks - Sola

53:45  Linda Aubry Bullock - near

There are lots of other sounds and recordings mixed through out this collage.  Some are mine, some are just random things I found.  I hope it all flows well together.


on the behavior of radio waves

June 1st, 2012

Shortwave radio signals spread across the planet, the signal fades in & out, washes of static mix with music & voice, creating an eerie mashup of music & electronics.

This is the latest mix in a series, going back years, that utilizes shortwave broadcasts & music that already has a noisy, grainy tone. That combination of sounds creates a strange, other-worldly feel, transporting the listener around the globe and back again.

As with the other shortwave mixes, this one makes use of source material from Myke Dodge Weiskopf & his website of shortwave recordings found here...


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    The Humble Bee - Titles
  • 00:46    William Basinski - Particle Showers
  • 02:40    BSKSA Saudia Arabia 11785 kHz, 8_14_10 (1610UTC)
  • 04:10    Andrew Chalk - Violin by Night
  • 07:00    Andrew Pekler - Nocturne 3
  • 09:00    Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - Main Jungle
  • 10:50    The Caretaker - The Quilter Standard
  • 11:55    Markus Mehr - Komo
  • 13:50    Ran Slavin - Wayward Initial
  • 14:24    Call to Prayer at Dawn, Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
  • playing under the Ran Slavin cut
  • 16:48    Depatterning - Instow, SK. Bone Creek No. 108
  • 18:50    Pawn - untitled(from Islet)
  • 24:05    Maps and Diagrams - Looks Simple Enough
  • 26:23    unknown time & frequency (2002)
  • 27:10    The Humble Bee - The Collecting Plate
  • 28:00    WEWN:Radio Catolica Mundial 5810kHz
  • 28:40    Mokira - Harold Dubb
  • 33:05    Radio Bulgaria 5800kHz
  • 34:04    Stephan Mathieu - Gabriel
  • 37:55    Gultskra Artikler - Vsegda Krasni Cvetok
  • 39:30    Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Reverso
  • 45:15    Kane Ikin - short wave fade
  • 47:12    Quinn Walker - The Quiet Passage
  • 50:40    Melton - Northern Fields
  • 53:05    I've Lost - A Study in Departure
  • 54:27    end

in foreign lands

December 4th, 2010

I have always loved the sound of Djivan Gasparyan's music. He plays the duduk, a double reed instrument related to the oboe. It's got a great melancholy, other-worldy feel to it.

I took the "other-wordly" idea to make a mix of music that is vaguely foreign sounding, at least foreign to my American ears. The music is Middle Eastern, Asian, African, Eastern European and Indian.

I go back to a familiar source for some of the sounds, the Shortwave Music blog of Myke Weiskopf. Whether it's the night call to prayer in Bulgaria or Qur’an recitation from BSKSA Saudi Arabia, Myke has great recordings that everyone should take the time to investigate.

The times in the tracklist are rough.  Sometimes there are two or three tracks playing at once & not all are listed in the tracklist.  I also messed with a few tracks, adding stretched audio as a backing track or adding reverb.

At various times haunting, beautiful, calming or hypnotic, the music in this mix will hopefully stir your imagination.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Djivan Gasparyan - You have to come back to me
  • 02:22 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook - Night Song
  • 06:20 Hildegard Westerkamp - Gently Penetrating
  • 07:00 Night call to prayer in Draginovo, Bulgaria
  • 09:20 Peter Nooten & Michael Brook - Suddenly II
  • 10:25 Maya Beiser - I was there
  • 15:00 harmonic fx
  • 15:50 Gamelan Madu Sari - thinly roundly
  • 18:15 Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro
  • 22:00 Jon Hassell - Frontiera
  • 22:30 Hildegard Westerkamp - Into the labyrinth
  • 22:55 Geir Jenssen - Camp 2, world music on the radio
  • 23:30 Gamelan Madu Sari - Dreams he is a ball of fire or a hummingbird
  • 26:30 Peter Gabriel - Wall of Breath
  • 28:15 Galata Mevlevi - Nay Taksim
  • 29:40 Hildegard Westerkamp - Soundscape of cities, Delhi
  • 30:10 Forrest Fang - Garuda
  • 31:15 Jon Hassell - Tramonto
  • 33:00 Qur’an recitation from BSKSA Saudi Arabia
  • 34:20 Lamp of the Universe - Heru, part 1
  • 36:55 U Srinivas & Michael Brook - Think
  • 41:30 Anouar Brahem - L'oiseau
  • 45:45 Djivan Gasparyan - dle vaman
  • 49:30 Peter Gabriel - A sense of home
  • 51:14 end

thru the field

May 16th, 2010

I recently was given a box of old sound effects records like the one in the picture. These albums brought back a lot of memories. As a kid I would go to the public library down the street and borrow their sound effects records. I guess that was an early sign that I'd end up with music tastes that were a bit different.

This new mix is perfect for my new vinyl sound effects collection, unfortunately I finished the mix before I got the records. So I'll have to save them for the next installment in the field mixes.

For this mix, the 3rd in the field music mixes, I tried to use more natural sound and less music. There are definitely musical elements here, thanks to Spheruleus, Nigel Samways and others. I tried to pick field sounds that weren't too obtrusive. There are many sounds that are interesting to listen to, but don't work as ambient "music". After a nice quiet section of wind blowing through bamboo, hearing fireworks exploding wouldn't work for me.

I'd like to bring attention to to releases used in this mix. They both come from a new netlabel, Audio Gourmet. "Rust" by Spheruleus & "Momentary" by Darren Harper are the first two releases. They are excellent recordings & they are free so check them out. Each one has a cut in the new field mix.

The tracklist is a bit vague, as the times are even more nebulous than normal. I hope you enjoy this latest field mix.

Download (right click/save as) : 82mb, 60min thru the field

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Chihei Hatakeyama - Distant Sound of a Bustle
  • 04:00 Loren Nerell - Wind Through Bamboo Forest
  • 06:00 The Black Dog - M1
  • 08:30 Jason Kahn - Transit
  • 10:00 Framework podcast 11-5-09 excerpt
  • 13:30 Seattle Phonographers Union - Hollow Earth Radio(excerpt)
  • 15:30 Nigel Samways - City of Gas Street Lamps
  • 19:00 Spheruleus - it sits on a shelf inside my skull
  • 25:00 Mister Vapor - Rain 1
  • 31:00 Chihei Hatakeyama - Dance of the Sea
  • 33:00 Chris Watson - Vatnajokull
  • 35:00 Quiet American - Khulna Station
  • 37:00 Thomas Koner - 45_26n, 12_20e (hour three)
  • 40:00 Steve Bradley - SO2 Emissions
  • 41:30 Cecile Le Prado - Passages
  • 43:30 Spheruleus - Rusting
  • 47:30 Richard Chartier - Fields for Recording (excerpt)
  • 52:00 Chris Watson - Bucaneve
  • 53:00 Spheruleus - A Hindered View
  • 55:30 Darren Harper - Field & Glass
  • 60:00 end

flicker & fade

April 14th, 2010

This is the third mix I’ve done with a shortwave radio theme. Many of the tunes have noise & static already built in. Sometimes radio washes have been added.

As with past shortwave mixes, the actual shortwave recordings come courtesy of Myke Dodge Weiskopf. He runs a great site dedicated to shortwave music.

This mix was originally posted on MixCloud by folks at Fluid Radio.  I am honored that Fluid Radio posted one of my mixes among their growing list of great music.  I'm posting here to allow direct download.  That's one feature I wish MixCloud had, the option of downloading the mixes.   It's a great community over at MixCloud that would be even better with downloads.

I hope you enjoy vol. 3 in the shortwave series.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Myke Weiskopf - Test Transmission
  • 00:40    Tim Hecker - Arctic Loner's Rock
  • 03:50    All India Radio
  • 05:20    Andrey Dergatchev - Culmination
  • 07:45    Karlheinz Stockhausen - realization 6 (from spiral)
  • 08:50    Tu M' - monochrome 3
  • 14:20    Library Tapes - The Fragile Tide
  • 16:30    Radio Slovakia Int'l
  • 17:20    36 - Juliet
  • 19:20    Maps & Diagrams - Mold
  • 23:45    Marihiko Hara - modena
  • 26:05    WNOH - Runyon's Gospel Descent
  • 27:40    Ous Mal - Viime Talvi
  • 29:40    Myke Weiskopf - Into the Telemetry Haze
  • 30:50    Brian Grainger - untitled
  • 34:10    Helios - Vargtimme
  • 37:30    random noise fx
  • 38:20    36 - intercept
  • 39:00    BNR Radio Bulgaria
  • 40:30    Drowning the Virgin Silence - We Twist the Sun & Sea
  • 44:20    Krzysztof Orluk - over the sky (bright sphere)
  • 46:30    Motion - dispersal patterns
  • 48:00    atom - wellen and felder II
  • 49:10    Xela - An Abandoned Robot
  • 51:45    Eluvium - As I Drift Off
  • 54:30    end

in_transit - an ambient field mix

February 18th, 2009

I have been wanting to do another field mix almost since the moment I finished the last one. So here it is, a new mix entitled "in_transit".

I like field recordings but not as much nature recordings. I'm not wild about birds chirping & water flowing. I like mechanical sounds or crowd noise or as you'll hear in this mix, trains. I used train sounds in the last mix & they play a prominent role here too.

I had planned on doing more of my own field recording but I just never seemed to find the time. I did manage to sneak two of my recordings in, one occurs at about 8:50 in the mix. It's a recording of the humming sound of telephone pole at the end of my driveway. The pole hums when it gets windy, so I just went out stuck the mic right up to the pole & froze my arse off. I then fattened up the sound a bit.

The other recording is of my daughter playing piano, but you'd never guess that's what you're hearing. It happens at about the 19:10 mark. I had her play about 40 seconds of chopin or schubert. Then I used a simple little program to stretch that 40 seconds into 12 minutes & 40 seconds. The result sounds nothing like classical piano. You can find the program here...Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch. Give it a try. Works great on piano & classical music. It makes the human voice sound very creepy.

Most of the other sound used in the mix are a combination of field recordings from all over the web, music & music that already has field recordings built in, like the last cut by RF. There is new music from sleepy town manufacture & unit 21, elegi, Loren Chasse & terje isungset.

Two tracks used in the mix are from a cd that I got from Rick over at Hydrogen Cafe. Years ago he burned some ambient background sounds from Blade Runner. At the 6:20 mark we get ambience from the Tyrell Coporation & at about 23:50 we hear sounds from Blade Runner Chinatown. I'll definitely be using more of these in future field mixes.

Well I guess that's enough for now. I'm not making a tracklist as the cuts are playing all over each other, many times 2 or 3 at the same time. If you are curious about certain sounds or tracks just email or comment with the time in question & I'll do my best to get info back to you.

Enjoy the trip!

a ghost in the phase

June 7th, 2008

I was having a tough time coming up with an idea for a new mix. The shortwave mix, a drift on the signal, is one of my favorite mixes so I decided to do a sequel.

And thus, through ionospheric transit, comes...a ghost in the phase. The formula is pretty much the same as before, a nice mixture of real shortwave radio recordings & ambient music with shortwave elements. Most of the shortwave stuff comes from the Shortwavemusic blog. That's the same source I used for the last shortwave mix. It's run by Myke Weiskopf. Here are a couple of his other sites... Myke Weiskopf & Myke's Live Journal
Lots of cool sounds at all three sites.

After the last shortwave mix a listener said it reminded him of Tetsu Inoue's World Receiver. How could I have forgotten that disc?! This time I made sure to include it. It's such a fantastic recording. You can buy it from Infraction records . Another excellent release that made it into the mix is the new one from Steven Mathieu called Radioland. Check it out.

The Entia Non & krill.minima & Unproduct cuts are all available for free download.

The times in this tracklist are just approximations. Sometimes there are several cuts playing at once, things fading in & out, etc.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 - Pulse Wave FX & JBO Tokyo Radio
  • 00:16 - Entia Non - Cultural Plagiarism
  • 01:28 - Fennesz - A Year in a Minute
  • 04:33 - Myke Weiskopf - Shortwave Condensation
  • 05:55 - Djivan - dle yaman
  • 06:56 - Cairo Radio
  • 07:45 - Punkt - Speechless
  • 08:24 - Cairo Radio
  • 09:13 - Rod Modell - Aloeswood
  • 12:38 - Tetsu Inoue - Elevator Drops
  • 19:05 - Steven Mathieu - Aufder Gasse
  • 22:45 - Fennesz & Sakamoto - Aware
  • 26:37 - Radio RASD
  • 26:54 - My Fun - Signal Drift
  • 29:06 - Felicia Atkinson with Sylvain Chauveau - Aberdeen
  • 34:11 - Chris Bissonnette - Traveling Light
  • 40:00 - WEWN
  • 40:46 - Post-Soviet Melancholia Pt. V: "Мой Рок и Ролл" via Russian International Radio
  • 42:40 - krill.minima - Projektor
  • 45:34 - Myke Weiskopf - The Grotesque
  • 46:23 - Unproduct - Radio Canvas 3
  • 46:52 - numbers
  • 47:40 - pulse transmission
  • 50:30 - Rameses III - Origins IV May 25, 2007
  • 53:20 - Steven Mathieu - Radioland
  • 02:30 - Pulse Wave FX

Migrations - an ambient field mix

January 24th, 2008

I have been interested in doing a mix of field recordings ever since I did the shortwave mix last year. I've been collecting field recordings from various sources & even bought a digital recorder so I could do my own phonography.I haven't really had the time to seriously record anything but I did manage to squeeze a few of my own things into this new mix.

There is very little proper music in this mix. It's mostly field recordings that I downloaded from sites like Quiet American and SoundTransit. Some of the recordings are from cd's that I own. Most of the music is music that already has field recordings built into the track. I used two tracks from a great cd by Emanuele Errante called "Migrations". a few other tracks came from Geir Jenssen 's "Field Recordings From Tibet". A couple of other cuts came from "Classifields - Trips 6" on Tripostal. One of the Tripostal tracks is "A Sunday Walk" by Nim is a Tree, which I already used in the Netlabel Mix. It's such a great cut that I had to use it again. I also sneaked some loops into the mix here & there.

Some of my favorite field sounds are trains, so you'll hear various train sounds a few times. I also like empty train station reverb, so that fades in & out a couple times. The sounds range from a resonant pipe in a rain storm to foghorns to church bells to chanting to arrival anouncements to piano and an open window. I know that some field recordings may be interesting but really listenable, not musical enough. I think this mix works pretty well & is easy to listen to. Sorry there is no track list. It's nearly impossible to keep track of what's playing & when in this mix. Most of the time there several tracks playing at once.

It was a lot of fun putting this together and hope you enjoy the trip.