Deep Freeze

January 27th, 2019




We were having such a nice mild winter here in Wisconsin but then I had to go and jinx it in the last post in which I said we hadn't very much snow. Well, since then we've had two significant snow storms with another 12 inches expected over the next two days.


Snow I can handle but the temps have plummeted - the high temp yesterday was 4° with wind chills around -25°. Ugh. But it gets worse - Wednesday's high temp is supposed to be -14°! That's the high temperature! So much for our nice mild winter. I'm getting too old for this!


I had an IDM mix all ready to post but the frigid landscape was calling for a frozen mix. Most of the tracks are new, 2017 & 2018. And every track has an appropriate cold word in the title. Such as winter, frozen, wind, ice, cold, arctic, snow, etc.


I recommend listening with a cup of hot tea nearby or better yet a large glass of scotch.




T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    The Gentleman Losers - Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter(2018)
  • 05:25    Stray Theories - Frozen Skies(2018)
  • 10:08    Zoë Keating - Icefloe(2018)
  • 13:36    Helios - North Wind(2018)
  • 16:53    Luton - Ice Museum(2018)
  • 20:30    Spheruleus - Frozen(2010)
  • 22:37    r beny - Glacial Tongues(2018)
  • 26:02    Rapoon - Ice Whispers(2007)
  • 31:27    Porya Hatami - Snow(2012)
  • 37:54    Hotel Neon - Cold Suns(2018)
  • 47:47    Akira Kosemura - Snowy Sky(2017)
  • 49:20    Halo - Winter Lullaby II(2012)
  • 50:50    Seabuckthorn - Sent In By The Cold(2018)
  • 54:50    Michael Brook - On Ice(2017)
  • 55:46    Maiya Hershey - Arctic Waters(2017)


Sunday Morning Music vol. 17 - Sparkling Early Mornings

January 13th, 2019



I haven't posted a Sunday morning mix in a long time. So here is the first Sunday morning collection of 2019.


There's not much to say - it's the typical Sunday morning mix. A little jazz, some ambient, some instrumental, etc. Most of the tunes are fairly new with three exceptions.


The cover pic is my backyard, but not from this year as we haven't had much snow at all. Of course I just jinxed it so next week we'll probably get 3 feet.




T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Johann Johannsson - Mandy Love Theme(2018)
  • 01:30    Ben Rath - A Quiet Morning(2019)
  • 06:25    Luis Miehlich - Spring Haiku 2(2018)
  • 10:19    Andrey Kiritchenko - Sparkling Early Mornings(2008)
  • 13:55    Joseph Shabason - Treat It Like A Wine Bar(2018)
  • 19:43    Alice Coltrane - Radhe-Shyam(1977)
  • 23:32    Peppermoth - Claude(2018)
  • 27:34    Gigi Masin - Kite(2018)
  • 31:45    Dean Mcphee - The Devil's Knell(2018)
  • 36:00    Hampshire & Foat - End Song(2017)
  • 37:46    Eli Keszler - Fifty Four To Madrid(2018)
  • 40:58    The Necks - The World At War(1990)
  • 56:00    Endurance - Measurements of Light(2017)
  • 61:24    end

Future Days - A Kraut Rock Mix

January 6th, 2019



As is usually the case with these mixes, one song sets me on the path towards a new collection. In this case it was the song T by Dan Lissvik.


It keep popping up on a few of my playlists and I always thought it had kind of kraut rock feel to it. I realized that I've never made a kraut rock mix and that needs to be rectified.


I don't want to get into a debate about what is and isn't kraut rock. There are tracks from kraut rock classics like Neu! and Can. But there are also three cuts from new artists like Dan Lissvik, Sankt Otten and Kilchhofer. Those new tunes are in there because I thought they fit with the kraut rock vibe. 


The rest of the mix contains artists like Cluster, Ashra, Popol Vuh, Holger Czukay, Conrad Schnitzler, Bernard Szajner and Gunter Schickert. I'm exactly sure which ones would qualify as kraut rock but I think they're all close enough.




T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Neu! - Isi(1975)
  • 04:55    Dan Lissvik - T(2016)
  • 09:55    Conrad Schnitzler - Ballet Statique(1978)
  • 14:00    Holger Czukay - Persian Love(1982)
  • 18:55    Ashra - Shuttle Cocks(1977)
  • 25:10    Cluster - Sowiesoso(1976)
  • 31:55    Sankt Otten - Zwischen Demut und Disco(2018)
  • 37:24    Bernard Szajner - The Memory(1980)
  • 41:30    Can - Future Days(1973)
  • 46:00    Kilchhofer - Lubbari(2018)
  • 49:20    Ashra - Blackouts(1977)
  • 53:35    Gunter Schickert - Guitarre Wlaurniam(1983)
  • 57:25    Neu! - Weissensee(1972)
  • 63:25    Popol Vuh - Hoere, Den Du Wagst(1978)
  • 69:00    Cluster - Zum Wohl(1976)
  • 75:20    Bernard Szajner - A Kind of Freedom(1980)
  • 78:07    end