I got the idea for this mix over at the Hypnos records forum. In the "Now Playing" thread, someone posted several entries in a row about listening to various soundtracks. Some favorites of mine, Cliff Martinez's "Traffic" & "Narc" and Clint Mansell's "The Fountain", were on the list. It got me thinking & listening to soundtracks for a week or two and this new mix, "Cinematica", is the result.

There are 25 tracks in this mix, so it keeps moving pretty well I think. I realized after I was done that a few of the tracks appear in other low light mixes. Oh well, that's bound to happen with so many mixes and fewer and fewer brain cells.

I would say my favorite soundtracks from the past 10 - 15 years would have to be "Solaris" from Cliff Martinez & "The Fountain" by Clint Mansell. I purposely used a lesser known Martinez cut from "Wicker Park" but one that had the same "Solaris" feel to it. Then of course I discovered that I'd already used the same cut in an earlier mix. Duh!

This mix was easy & fun to put together so I'm sure I'll be doing another one in the future. Any suggestions for essential soundtracks that I should check out?

T R A C K L I S T : 00:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - The Proposition #2 (The Proposition) 02:00 Graeme Revell - Cue 34 (Until the End of the World) 04:10 Thomas Newman - Drive Away(End Title) (Lemony Snicket) 06:50 Cliff Martinez - What Shoe Size (Wicker Park) 08:05 Andrey Dergatchev - Port (The Return) 10:05 Max Richter - Shadow Journal (Valse Avec Bachir) 12:15 John Murphy/Chrales Gounod - Taxi(Ave Maria) (28 Days Later) 14:07 Mogwai - 7-25 (Zidane, a 21st Century Portait) 18:20 Clint Mansell - Death is a Disease (The Fountain) 20:40 Explosions in the Sky - From West Texas (Friday Night Lights) 22:26 Brian Eno - Always Returning (Apollo) 25:35 Corker/Conboy - First Crossing (3 Degrees Colder) 27:05 David Byrne - Canal Life (Lead Us Not Into Temptation) 29:20 Peter Gabriel - A Sense of Home (Long Walk Home) 30:50 Sigur Ros - #3 untitled (Hlemmur) 33:05 Andrey Dergatchev - Georgians (The Return) 35:13 Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson - Ars Moriendi (Children of Nature) 37:20 Philip Glass - Organic (Koyaanisqatsi) 42:10 Gabriel Yared & Underworld - Mending Things (Breaking & Entering) 44:20 Cliff Martinez - Helicopter (Traffic) 46:05 John Murphy - Red Dresses (28 Days Later) 46:43 Devotchka - The Winner Is (Little Miss Sunshine) 49:35 David Byrne - Dirty Hair (Lead Us Not Into Temptation) 52:06 Peter Gabriel - Passion Extras #4 (Passion) 53:55 James Newton Howard - I'm Listening (I am Legend) 55:45 Brian Eno - an ending(ascent) (Apollo, 28 Days Later, Clean, Traffic) 59:50 end

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