far from home

Picture yourself floating in space.  Whether you like to think of it as drifting alone, in a spacesuit, looking out at the stars all around.  Or instead imagine yourself as Bowie said "Here am I floating round my tin can, far above the moon."  Either way, the music in this mix should make you feel "far from home".

I like to envision a small craft in the middle of nowhere, drifting...waiting.  Waiting for rescue?  Waiting for contact?  Waiting for main power to come back online?  Hopefully the music will generate a feeling of weightlessness, of drifting in the vast expanse of space, without being too dark or dissonant.

I did not pick the tunes based on titles.  I just did a quick sampling of some of my ambient collection to come up with possible tracks.  But it's interesting how many of the song titles fit right in with the "outer space" theme. Titles like Meissa, Deep Sky Time, 1st Lite & Asteroid Dawn work perfectly for this motif.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Lunar Testing Lab - Space Traffic Control
  • 01:00 Brian Eno - Asteroid Dawn
  • 04:40 A Produce - The Big Sleep
  • 09:40 Harmonia - Weird Dream
  • 11:10 Wouter Veldhuis - 1st Lite
  • 18:30 Steve Roach - Deep sky Time
  • 24:40 Austere - Lid
  • 28:00 Mike Griffin & A Produce - Altara
  • 31:45 Lunar Testing Lab - Paaliaq
  • 33:05 Sonmi451 - Orange
  • 38:45 Thomas Fehlman - in the wind
  • 43:10 Spheruleus - Disintegrate
  • 48:30 Fripp & Eno - Meissa
  • 55:30 Sonmi451 - Blue
  • 1:00:00 end

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