I Love the Rain

The transition from spring to summer brings two new mixes from Low Light Mixes central command. We've had a fair amount of rain lately so both mixes are "rain" mixes.

Rain evokes so many memories & emotions, it's a great theme for mixes. Using field recordings really helps hold the mix together. I try not to over do it with the rain sounds, hopefully it works well.

This first mix is a vocal mix, well mostly vocal, there are three instrumentals hiding in there. All the tunes have the word "rain" in the title. It was fun discovering tunes I did not know very well, like The Decemberists track & the cut from Susanna & The Magical Orchestra.

The second rain mix is an instrumental mix and it will be posted over at the Subversion blog. Mick will be posting it there soon. And I will be posting a drone mix from Mick here at Low Light Mixes soon as well. I've also got a "sleep" mix in the works.

DOWNLOAD : 77mb 40:00min I Love the Rain

T R A C K L I S T : 00:00 Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - It's Raining Today 04:40 The (real) Tuesday Weld - I Love the Rain 08:37 Asche & Spencer - A Walk in the Rain 09:49 The Handsome Family - Famous Blue Raincoat 14:40 Daniel Lanois - Rain Weather 18:20 The Decemberists - Raincoat Song 20:40 Joe Purdy - I Love the Rain the Most 25:00 Oblong - Rain Over the Deverils 28:54 REM - I'll Take the Rain 34:15 Rivulets - Rain All Winter Long 40:00 end

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