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Nov 2019

Mystical Ambience 2: Tactile Ground by Paul Asbury Seaman

November 17, 2019


Cover art created by and courtesy of Robert Rich, https://robertrich.com/graphic-art/.

As regular visitors to this blog have probably figured out, I don't really plan things out here. Sometimes it's a mix a week, sometimes it's a month between mixes. The last Blade Runner mix is the perfect example, I wasn't even thinking about that mix until we hit Nov. 2019 which is the month and year of Blade Runner. So I quickly threw that mix together and boom, there it was. So then other mix ideas get pushed back or forgotten about until some other piece of music catches my ear.


So it's not a big surprise that Paul emailed me the tracklist for this mix back in May. Every time I'd think about starting this set something would distract my social media addled brain and the mix would get pushed back. With the end of the year closing in I finally have laid down all the tracks and Mystical Ambience 2: Tactile Ground is here.


This is what Paul has to say about this mix:


"A listener on Bandcamp described a recent Spotted Peccary label sampler as “Not too sweet, not too dark.” Which is the same balance I try to bring to my selections for Low Light Mixes. This one is another journey concept. I’ve always had a special fondness for artists who can sensitively blend electronic and acoustic instruments to create beautiful juxtapositions of textures, and also offers a metaphor for balancing the ethereal and the concrete. In that spirit, this mix includes some slow- earthy, cross-cultural jazz before ending with cosmic tranquility.” 


Thanks Paul!


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Remote Vision - The Glittercliff (Into Light 2018)
  • 06:17 Hibernation - Wabi Sabi (Second Nature 2012)
  • 11:35 Hibernation - The Uncarved Block (Second Nature 2012)
  • 16:00 Marion Brown Jazz Cussion - Naima (Echoes of Blue 2006)
  • 22:09 Kaya Project - Forgive(ambient mix) (Ambient Mixes 2 2019)
  • 27:42 Jan Garbarek - Cloud of Unknowing (In Praise of Dreams 2004)
  • 32:49 Massergy - Phenakistoscope (A Novel Sense of Calm 2015)
  • 38:15 Chronotope Project - A Prayer for Tenderness (Lotus Rising 2018)
  • 43:20 Hollan Holmes - Prayer to the Energy (Prayer to the Energy 2017)
  • 48:45 Northumbria - Sacred Ground (Helluland 2015)
  • 52:35 Robert Rich - The Abiding Wheel (Tactile Ground 2018)
  • 58:55 Meg Bowles - Chalice of Shadows (Evensong: Canticles for the Earth 2018)
  • 63:30 Steve Roach - Spiral Triptych 2 (Texture Maps 2002)