I was inspired by my daughter's mix cd's to do my own vocal mix. She does great mixes that I listen to in the car and I thought I'd do a similar one of my own. Of course the finished product is not as uptempo as hers. This being an ambient mix blog, most of the tunes are fairly quiet.

There is no unifying theme here, other than I like these tunes. The Martin Grech tunes are from "March of the Lonely" which made it on my best of 2008 list. I could have put in a ton of David Sylvian tracks but ended up with just two. Hmmm, maybe I should do an all Sylvian mix someday. There are two new songs in there, "Another World" by Antony & the Johnsons and "Foreground" from the new Grizzly Bear. The rest are a mix of old & fairly new cuts.

I did cheat a little bit by sneaking in one instrumental track. It's "Bell Toll by Daniel Lanois from his fantastic Omni series box. Somehow it just fit right. I also cheated on the graphic. I took an album cover by Dan Deacon and wiped out his title & put my own in. The pic just worked so perfectly with the title of the mix.

I called the mix "Refuge" because I think of music as a refuge and this mix as an escape from from other crappy music...from work...from laundry...from the economy...from normal, crazy life. I hope this mix can be a refuge for you too.

TRACKLIST: 00:00 Canyon Country - Dead or Dreaming 03:50 David Sylvian - Maria 06:15 Martin Grech - Kingdom 09:30 Sufjan Stevens - Holland 12:50 Grizzly Bear - Foreground 15:54 Antony & the Johnsons - Another World 19:35 Peter Gabriel - Father, Son 24:20 Roxy Music - Spin Me Round 28:50 REM - Star Me Kitten 31:45 Daniel Lanois - Bell Toll 33:00 David Bridie - Sad 36:30 David Sylvian - When Poets Dreamed of Angels 41:00 Martin Grech - Ashes Over Embers 46:30 P.G. Six - Lily of the West 51:35 Trespassers William - Love is Blindness 58:31 end

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