s t r e t c h e d beyond recognition

This is a very slow, droney kind of mix.  All the music has been stretched or slowed down so much that the tunes are unrecognizable from the originals.

I used a great little program called Paul Stretch which you can find here... http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/

It take music and stretches or slows it down dramatically but still keeps it very musical.  I've used the program a few times for mixes in the past but never for creating an entire mix.

All the tracks are slowed by at least 10x to 15x.  The slowed down result is perfect for meditation, sleeping or daydreaming.  It's kind of amazing to me how it was possible to create something entirely new from the source material.


T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Cliff Martinez - First Sleep
  • 05:30    Steve Reich - Six Marimbas
  • 12:15    Noto & Sakamoto - By This River
  • 21:00    Anonymous 4 - medie noctis tempus
  • 21:40    Tangerine Dream - Tangram
  • 34:45   Steve Reich - Six Marimbas
  • 52:50    Budd & Eno - A Stream with Bright Fish
  • 1:00:00    end

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