March 16th, 2008

This new mix is something different. It is a guest mix courtesy of a listener/downloader in Ireland.

Jason is an electronic music producer who discovered new artists such as Tim Hecker, Fennesz & Murcof through some Low Light mixes. He said "Stunning artists, I never knew music could sound so minimal yet full."

It is an excellent mix. Jason has put together an hour-long mix of "some of my favorite trax from a few of the artists I've grown to love over the past year." It starts out nice & dreamy then gets a bit noisey, but in a good Tim Hecker way. It smooths out again then brings back some Hecker & Murcof noise before ending quietly with Fennesz & Sakamoto. A fine mix from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00.00 "amb" Rafael Toral
  • 1.20 "the Mouthchew" Stars of the Lid
  • 4.28 "Reciting the Airships" Eluvium
  • 8.00 "Crossing Signals" Manual
  • 9.23 "Faces (Where Are You Now)" Stendeck
  • 12.47 "Going Dark" EchaSkech
  • 13.24 "Fractales Pt.2" Apparat
  • 14.48 "Blood Rainbow" Tim Hecker
  • 17.32 "Remove the Inside" Belong
  • 22.56 "Junitaki" Manual
  • 24.50 "Dizzy Sun" Manual
  • 27.57 "I'm too Sleepy, shall we swim?" Belong
  • 32.05 "Even (out) +" Stars of the Lid
  • 35.00 "Chimeras" Tim Hecker
  • 36.50 "Pillowcase" Dntel
  • 39.00 "The Point of it all" Fennesz
  • 42.33 "Radio Spiricom" Tim Hecker
  • 44.45 "Cosmos II" Murcof
  • 53.30 "Kuni" Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto