Sci Fi Soundtracks

January 26th, 2017



The title of this mix pretty much says it all - this is a collection of excellent tracks from excellent science fiction films.  


This isn't meant to be definitive as in "The Best SciFi Soundtracks of All Time!"  It's just some of my favorite music from some of my favorite sci fi films.  I purposely stayed away from stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, Close Encounters and 2001.  Those are a little too recognizable and most of the time don't fit with the ambient feel of this mix.


I just had to start the mix with what may be my all time favorite sci fi soundtrack - Solaris by Cliff Martinez.  I like the movie pretty well but the soundtrack is what really made that film for me.  Another soundtrack that I absolutely had to include is Arrival from Johann Johannsson.  Easily my favorite film of last year and the soundtrack made me love it even more.  A lot of the music in this mix is fairly new, released within the last ten years or so.  The exception being the tracks from Blade Runner and Dune.


Are there any sci fi soundtracks that I should check out for further mixes?  Any favorite sci fi film music that you have?  Let me know in the comments.





T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Cliff Martinez - First Sleep(Solaris)
  • 02:42    Clint Mansell - Welcome to Lunar Industries(Moon)
  • 06:00    Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - The Turing Test(Ex Machina)
  • 07:10    Harry Gregson-Williams - Watney's Alive(The Martian)
  • 09:50    Jon Hopkins - Campfire(Monsters)
  • 11:30    M83 - Starwaves(Oblivion)
  • 14:38    Johann Johannsson - Arrival(Arrival)
  • 17:00    Steven Price - Aningaaq(Gravity)
  • 21:00    Vangelis - Fading Away(Blade Runner)
  • 23:33    Toto - Paul Meets Chani(Dune)
  • 26:25    Clint Mansell - First Snow(The Fountain)
  • 29:17    Max Richter - Nocturne(Black Mirror)
  • 31:05    Johann Johannsson - Kangaru(Arrival)
  • 33:36    Underworld - Capa's Last Transmission(Sunshine)
  • 35:27    Brian Eno - Prophecy Theme(Dune)
  • 39:36    John Tavener - Mother & Child(Children of Men)
  • 42:55    Hans Zimmer - Where We're Going(Intersteller)
  • 45:41    Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - Other Dreamers(Black Mirror)
  • 46:31    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Eleven(Stranger Things)
  • 49:35    Arcade Fire - Morning Talk/Supersymmetry(Her)
  • 53:15    Daft Punk - Solar Sailer(Tron 2)
  • 55:40    Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow - Bunsen Burner(Ex Machina)
  • 58:34    Ramin Djawadi - Exit Music(for a film)(Westworld)
  • 62:58    end