subatomic dubscapes

The term "dubscapes" in the title of the mix pretty much says it all.  This is dub mix.  I've used dubby style songs in mixes before but never did a whole dub mix.

Of course after setting out to do an all dub mix, I veered off course pretty quickly by including a cover of the Twin Peaks theme &  track from Vangelis.  I'd been looking for a way to work those two tunes into a mix & they seem to fit pretty well here.

The Twin Peaks cover is by Talvihorros.  He has an excellent recording out on Hibernate called "Music in Four Movements".  After buying that album Ben Chatwin(Talvihorros) was kind enough to send me a copy of his cover of the Twin Peaks theme.  I liked this version immediately & knew I had to find a home for it in a mix.

One track in the mix is from an album that will end up in my top ten list this year.  The album is Deepchord presents Echospace - Liumin/Liumin Reduced.  It's a double album with the first being great ambient dub/techno and the second an album of field recorded treatments made by Rod Modell in Tokyo.  An immersive record that I highly recommend.

The dub used in this mix is fairly ambient, especially towards the end where the ambient drones & washes come in & the beats slow way down.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00    Fluxion - Field
  • 03:25    Polmo Polpo - Rottura
  • 08:55    Marconi Union - Temperature Drop
  • 13:28    Talvihorros - Twin Peaks Theme
  • 17:55    Deepchord presents Echospace - In Echospace
  • 21:30    Vangelis - Antartica
  • 26:30    The Orb - Slug Dub
  • 31:25    Rod Modell - Mars Oil
  • 36:16    Fluxion - Plain
  • 38:50    Mokira - Lord, Am I Going Down
  • 42:00    Wixel - You're Inside Your Own shadow
  • 44:45    Sval - Valldal
  • 51:20    end

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