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Mar 2008

Suspended in Air - a drone mix

March 29, 2008

Last year I discovered British drone master Paul Bradley. This year it's the beautiful drones of David Tagg. I have two of his recordings now, "Expanding Electronic Diversity" & "Waist Deep Seas Of Milk". Two excellent albums.

So because I've been listening to more drones than usual I've decided to do a drone mix. Nothing extraordinary here, just one drone slowly slipping into the next.

Most of the music here is fairly new. Almost all of it released this year or last, except of course for the Aloof Proof, which almost counts as new because of the reissue last year. This was fairly easy to put together but it flows nicely. Should be excellent for sleeping.

T R A C K L I S T :

  • 00:00 Paul Bradley - Irenic
  • 05:45 Stars of the Lid - Virgina
  • 09:00 Andrew Chalk - Suspended in Air
  • 14:00 David Tagg - Waist Deep in Seas of Milk #6
  • 20:30 Emeralds - arbol del tule
  • 28:05 Belong - Vowel
  • 35:00 Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn - still life interlude
  • 43:00? David Tagg - The 25th Door
  • 49:30 Aloof Proof - The Last Leaf
  • 59:30 Paul Bradley - Chroma #1
  • 02:30 The Beautiful Schizophonic - cantiques la gloire du soleil